Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hugh Jackman just turned 44.
An earthquake rocked the Queen Charlotte Islands in B.C. and residents on the west coast and as far away as Hawaii were on a Tsunami watch.
Gas may be 99 cents a litre before the end of December.
Now, a huge tropical storm mixed with a winter storm is set to hover over Central and Southern Ontario.
You see.
The end of the world is nigh.
Yes, I know it was supposed to be lights out for all of us this coming December 22nd- according to the Mayans, however things may be moved forward a bit if Mother
has anything to say about it.
The Canadian Red Cross is telling Ontario residents to have water, food, flashlights, first aid kits ready.
Are they trying to scare us?
If so, they’re doing a good job. I’m heading out to get extra water and buying food that I could prepare for a maximum time of 72 hours- if the power were to stay off that long.
I have two fireplaces to keep me warm and a BBQ to cook on. I have candles and battery-operated lanterns and a power pack that will run a 25 watt bulb for several hours.
There are things I can’t prepare for.
I can’t stop a tree branch from crashing down on my house.
I can’t prepare for my sump pump shutting down due to a power outage forcing water to rise in my cellar.
Yes, I could have a bailing can ready but where would I put all the water that would fill up my cellar. The ground is already saturated.
What I can do is be prepared for other emergencies.
Many people are saying- Nah! It’ll never happen!
I even get the impression there is being too much made of this storm.
We are not in the centre of it but according to the Weather Network, 70% of Canadians will be affected by it. That could be you or I.
Seems like a broad statement of weather fact.
Is it the end of the world?
Will be we living without power and everything that goes with it for a few days maybe longer?
Possibly. It’s difficult to forecast.
So, I am getting prepared.  
I am playing it safe and fetching water and buying non-perishable food just in case.
Maybe you should think about doing the same.
See you on the other side of Hallowe’en and be safe.