Friday, October 12, 2012


Can you tell I am busy these days?
My blog writing is lagging behind.
I have an excuse and it’s a good one. I am rehearsing my new show- “Hank’s HOliday sHOwcase & Variety Show.11 Cast & Crew and Hank too! I wrote the show and I am directing it, all because Hank has asked me. In fact he asked me back in August to mull it over. I did and here I am in the thick of things.
The show will be at the Studio Theatre of the Orillia Opera House for the first time. It will have such a Gay Holiday look you won’t believe it!
It’s a big job- even though rehearsals are just once a week right now. Re-writes, blocking and more re-writes are almost a daily occurrence. I believe it is going to be a fabulous show. It’s funny, snappy, bright, fast-paced and above all it’s a Christmas Show with tons of Holiday Songs. There is even a parody of the Charles Dickens’ classic- “A Christmas Carol”. This time Scrooge is as tight-fisted and ornery as ever. He is visited on Christmas Eve by a trio of “happy” Nuns who ask for a donation to help them travel to the Eternal City- Vegas no doubt. A ghostly presence visits Scrooge with some advice as well as a young chap who happily confirms Scrooge has not missed Christmas Day. However, the lad has something else up his sleeve
A new character- Mrs. Millicent Hardgrove- as Musical Director, has music in hand- or at least on her music stand, all the while keeping Hank company on stage. She even sings a bit and appears to have a keen sense of observation- mostly at all the most inappropriate times!
Father McFlannery has a few stories to tell as does Lloyd Newsman a veteran News Anchor who will keep the audience updated on happenings around the community and around the world.
Mrs. Steeper- The well-known Secretary of Orillia’s Lord Tunderin’ Bull Party- is back to share some holiday hi-jinks. She even finds herself thrust into the spotlight- although Mrs. Steeper would detest the term “thrust” to be sure.
The Nuns of Woebegone dance, prance and sing. Hank tells a few Holiday stories and there’s a visit from a few new characters including Connie Cannot who has such a sad tale of thievery.
Tickets are on sale October 15.
Three shows Friday December 7th at 7:30.
Saturday December 8th at 2PM and 7:30.
Single tickets $20. Get together a group of 10 or more and pay just $15 bucks each. What a deal!
We’re also supporting the Sharing Place Food Bank in Orillia. We want theatre-goers to bring a turkey (5-10 kg please) to the theatre or buy a voucher for a turkey. We’ll see that it gets to the Sharing Place.
It’s all in the true spirit of the Holidays.
Get your tickets soon. Hank is depending on you!!
Online at or at the Box Office 705.326.8011