Sunday, November 4, 2012


And what to my wondering eyes should appear but a huge picture of Hank!
You see, I was driving past the Orillia Opera House a few days ago and I almost found myself “driving” on a Cloud. No, not the big cloud of eternity up there (he points), I mean the storefront opposite the Opera House. I pratically drove up onto the sidewalk outside that lovely shoe store.
I had just caught site of a banner- featuring Hank, that’s hanging on the front of the Opera House.
It was so big.
I mean really big!
So colourful.
I mean really, really colourful!
So- in your face.
So Hank!
I knew Hank was planning some kind of eye-catching advertising to promote his Holiday Showcase on December 7th and 8th, I just didn’t expect anything quite this spectacular!
I mean a photo of Hank- from the shoulders up, six feet tall!
It’s a little un-nerving to say the least.
The colourful banner was accompanied by another banner to its right featuring the show title and a Christmas Tree along with the words- Tickets on Sale Now.
Hank is quite the promoter.
He has to be. He and his cast are working hard on this Holiday Spectacular.
I should know.
I not only wrote the show, I am directing it as well.
There’s Dancing and Singing Nuns.
Mrs. Lillian Steeper- who is a little scary at the best of times, performing her best “talent”. Lord help us!
A Mother Reverend who is not your usual Mother Superior type- if there is a type.
You’ll find a Holiday newscast as well as a version of A Christmas Carol- Hankified of course. Hank plays the ….well, maybe should just buy a ticket and find out.
20 bucks for a single or get a gang together (10 or more) and save 5 bucks a ticket.
There are even some spectacular Holiday treats and beverages at intermission- all complimentary.
Take my advice here.
It’s free and all in the spirit of the Holidays:
Of course, like most holiday parties, you’ll enjoy the show a hundred percent more if you’re “liquored” up a bit.
I should know.
As I told you- I wrote the show.
The Opera House has a selection of “Adult Beverages” to help you go to your happy place and being the Holiday Season we all need to go there especially when there’s the not-so-happy prospect of spending some holiday time with family.
Now, not too happy that you’ll be asked to leave the theatre, just happy enough to put a smile on your face and a warm holiday glow in your heart.
You also have a chance to support Orillia’s Sharing Place Food Bank. Hank’s Show is asking you to purchase a voucher for a turkey- or at least part of a turkey, that will be turned into the real thing and given to the Sharing Place who’ll be happy to give it to a local family for their Christmas Dinner.
Finally, if you’re planning on sticking a twig of holly into someone’s heart this Christmas, this is not the show for you. Stay home and watch the “Walking Dead” on AMC.
So for a good time call: 705.326.8011 or go online to
You’ll be glad you did.
It’ll give you the opportunity to see Hank real close up!
All six feet of that marvellous mug of his- in full colour!