Thursday, November 15, 2012


There’s just too much to comment on, so I’ll do some “Quickies”. 
Channing Tatum Sexiest Man Alive for 2012.
American logic, of course.
Not even close. I even hesitate to call him an actor. Have you seen anything he’s done?
That stint on Saturday Night Live a few months back was pitiful. Even taking his shirt off “barely” helps. So, let’s put this in perspective- Sexiest Man in American Eyes?
Maybe, but what about Robert Downey, Seth Myers, Joel McHale (Yummy!),
John Hamm, Ryan Gosling- a Canadian Hunk, Chris Pine, Ryan Reynolds- another Canuk and Alexander Skarsgard- total yummy and my favourite amongst all of the above.
Channing? Re-thinkable at best.
Orillia’s Pool and whatnot at the David H. Church Street property- in the South Ward?
I mean- Really?
Just when there was the opportunity to breathe life into West Street South, these dummies chose a property surrounded by half-shacks and welfare slums.
Not all- but many.
The West Street South choice might have helped the Downtown. Maybe even that loser of a strip mall at King and West could be improved not to mention the old, empty, decaying former Canadian Tire store.
No, let’s put it in the South Ward where most couldn’t even afford to belong to such an enterprise.
It’s nuts! 
A man at a Keswick McDonalds was talking dirty to a “lady” on his laptop as a Mum and her kid sat close by. The online “mama” wanted the patron to do this and that to her- cyberspace-wise that is. The nice Mum moved her kid to another booth in the McDonalds and told the manager who in turn spoke with the alleged horny dude. The dude stayed in the “mood” for another 20 minutes. I suppose he had paid his buck ninety-nine for 20 minutes and wasn’t going to waste it! What Cretans won’t do in public with a computer.
That Canadian-educated American Spy guy who sent a photo of himself stripped to the waist alongside two “dummies” needs to keep his shirt on. A Newspaper article describes the guy as “buff” and a caption beneath the photo says he’s standing next to two dummies that are equally as “ripped” and “buff” as he is.
Who are they kidding?
I saw the picture and he’s not even close to being “buff”. I mean in comparison to this guy, Channing Tatum is “buff”. For pete’s sake, the dummies have pecs and large torsos whereas this FBI Guy is skinny.
Okay- trim.
It hurts my eyes to look at him. The press needs to take another look and re-phrase the caption. 
Then, there’s that parade of War Vets in Midland Texas. The parade route crossed rail lines. As a float carrying “veterans” crossed the tracks, a freight train just happened to come along and hit it broadside.
Dead and injured lined the tracks.
Didn’t any of the organizers check the freight train schedule? 
What a mess and an unfortunate incident that could have been avoided. The pictures show lots of lights and warning signs at the crossing. 
Finally, there’s Toronto’s Mayor Ford.
That’s just too easy. 
Over and out for now!