Monday, November 12, 2012


What has gone wrong with the world? 

I ask you in all sincerity. 

Some black, female singer who likes to show her titties and twatty is on the cover of GQ magazine. To be fair, you can only see some rounded tittie parts and her twatty is covered with her “fore-arm-y” but the intent is clearly visible. This same singer provided a ho-hum performance in army boots and hunting jacket on a recent Saturday Night Live!
Some people get all the breaks! 

Good Gosh!
Everyone knows that only Gay Men read GQ.
So, why not a pic of Hugh Jackman on the cover stroking his magnificent, manly arms? Even Brandon Routh who plays a Gay Man on Television’s “Partners” would have made a much more exciting cover sporting those arms of his that are the size of pillars on a Victorian Home’s front verandah.

Brandon and his bicep- from TV's Partners- WOOF!

Tim Hortons in Oman?
Tim’s has now officially opened in the Sultanate of Oman after opening 19 outlets in the United Arab Emirates. Crowds have gathered to indulge in a little piece of Canada but where are the women at?
In the pictures I haven’t seen a woman behind the counter working or in front of the counter buying. It’s all men.
I always ask- Where are the women folk at?
I know the answer- at home barefoot, preggers and covered up from head to toe in case some man where to take a sideways glance at them and have an evil or sexual thought.

One lump or two- sir?
I mean in your coffee- not your camel! 

Oh Dear!
Martha Stewart may be losing her empire.
The Queen of Bitches has lost something like 188 million in the past couple of years.
Of course, she still made 230 some million but still it’s a pile of money to part with to be sure.

Reports say Martha has 9 personal servants.
I have zero. 

She has 4 homes.
I have one. 

She has any number of paint colours, furniture, magazines and Christmas Decor named after her.
I have none and I’m not even a bitch.
Let me re-think for a moment. 


To be fair, I can be a bitch when I need to be and that’s the simple truth, however,
I wouldn’t change it for the world.
The reason?
I am a Gay Man, so suck it up. 

As a matter of fact, if people don’t like it, they can chew last month’s issue of GQ and no- I don’t know who was on the cover, so eat it anyway. 

Thus ends today’s lesson.