Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Just Another Holly Day on Bleeker Street
Time: 213PM
The Day: Tuesday
Blanche: Fah-Lah-Lah-Lah-Lah-Lah-Lah-Lah-Lah!
Jane: What the Fah-Lah-Lah-Fu** in tarnation makes you such a happy handicapper?
Blanche: Sister Dear! Really! It’s the Holiday Season? Why have you been sleeping in the root cellah again Jane?
Jane: Veruh Funny Blanche. You Holiday Hipsters make me wanna ….
Blanche: (quickly) Sing at the top of your lungs Jane?
Jane: (Lights a fag) Ya. Sure. Somethin’ like that! ~puff-drag-puff~
Blanche: Look Sister. Why don’t you go up in the attic and bring the rest of the Holiday decorations down here and we’ll decorate the tree- together.
Jane: Oh, you’d like that wouldn’t ya Sister Dear? ~puff~
Blanche: Look Jane, Mr. Sorenson is coming by with a fresh, balsam spruce this afternoon and think of the fun we’d have decorating it all up. Why I could bake some brownies and make hot chocolate.

Jane: ~harumphhhh~ puff~ drag~puff~
Blanche: We could turn on the old 8 Track machine, plug in a Perry Como tape and hang some balls and light the lights!
Jane: ~sarcastically~ Now, wouldn’t that just be a “ball” of fun! You and me actin’ like sisters, Sister!
Blanche: Oh c’mon Jane. It’ll be fun. Do it for me.
Jane: (pauses) You say you’d make some brownies?
Blanche: Yes.
Jane: With fudge frosting?
Blanche: ~laughs~ Yes Jane Dear. ~chuckles~ With fudge frosting!
Jane: OK. I’m in but just remebah this doesn’t mean I love the holidays. I’m doin’ it for you.
Blanche: Good enough for me Sister Dear. Good Enough for me.
Blanche wheels away into the kitchen to bake her brownies while Jane heads for the attic room and the Christmas Boxes. Looks like it just might be a Happy Holiday on Bleeker Street this year!