Monday, June 18, 2012


You can’t make someone love you.

Truer words never spoken.
A wonderful friend said this to me recently and I love her for it.
She’s reached the age of maturity.
She’s wise.
She’s fun.She’s true.
She‘s battling what life has and is throwing her way and right now- she’s winning.
Most importantly she’s doing it with class. 

Love you Mrs. P. 

Funny old thing, this word love.
We love movies.
Love lemon pie.
Love summer and love special times in our lives.
What would life be without love?
Empty, I suppose.

Love can be given.
It can be taken away.
It can’t be controlled or taken lightly or unwisely. 

At times love can bite you square in the ass. You do what you think is right and good. You stand by someone. Love them and yet they forsake you and kick you out.
They have no time for you.
They are on a new journey.
You’re still on board the sinking ship looking for a rescue and they’ve sailed away in the lifeboat. 

Fuck ‘em!
That’s what I say!

They love you.
Respect you.
Appreciate you.
Give you some rope.
Some space.
Some time and then they turn around and don’t want you anymore- don’t love you anymore.

Sometimes we just don’t know.
Times change.
Things change.
Life changes.
You believe you stay the same but in all probability, you change as well.

What can you do?
Not much.
You stay on the right path.
You walk along.
Maybe someday you’ll meet them at the crossroads of life.
Maybe not. 

I do know that our time on this earth is all too short and we need not spend the rest of our time worrying about it and wondering why.
Pull up your socks.
Bravely step forward- yes without the same love you had.
Love can be wonderful yet it can be cruel too.
It’s not love that’s cruel.
It’s the "someone" who gives it.
They forget how.
They forget why.
Their circuits go numb.
They only think about themselves. 

Love is funny that way.