Sunday, June 3, 2012


Our Canada is changing.

Have you noticed?

Yes, in part to the Harperites up in Ottawa and their friends- the far right Christian Conservatives.
Maybe it's just any Christian because some Liberals and NDP’ers tend to believe in biblical lore as well. When people- Christians, are swept up into the teaching of the Lord, they have these nonsensical beliefs that praying and being subservient to a supreme power will ensure them bliss in the afterlife. That and a healthy regular monetary donation to the church of one's choice.

What’s the flip side of the afterlife?
Why for Christians it’s the fires of hell.
For Christians it’s Jesus first- family and friends after.
Bible study, church socials, church service and such.

Where does “living a life” come in?

I’m not a perfect human by any means. Many former friends “dislike me”.
I apparently did them wrong.
But I would rather be me and live my life rather than hiding from who they are and what they are just in case someone makes a judgement call.
Been there- many times.
I am not going to change who I am.
I tried to make amends. They can’t seem to forget.

Why can’t I be normal?
Why can’t I change?
Don’t want to, I suppose.
Why should I?
I have no contact with my immediate family these days- Mother and siblings included.
I am the “different” son.
Their loss- not mine.
I am living my life for me- not them.

Anyway, a more blatant change is the shooting and murdering of innocent Canadians.
Look at the Toronto Eaton Centre. Shoppers take a break to have a coffee and a sandwich and moments later gunshots ring out.
One young fellow is dead.
A 13 year old is wounded and stray bullets hit innocent people.
Where does this come from?
Gangs and guns!

Aren’t we lucky the Harperites have lifted the gun registry?
What if I packed a pistol myself?
What would I do?
Would I run out my front door flashing my weapon when someone’s dog shits on my lawn or a neighbour’s cat uses my flower beds as a toilet?

It’s a mentality that thrives in many places in our country.
It’s a “backwoods mentality”.
Packing heat is a rural tradition and country folk harbour the rights that go along with it. It’s killing “forest friends” who disturb the “natural” ebb and flow of a country life.
Snow White would be appalled.

Hell, carrying a gun is a tradition in Texas!
Americans live by their guns. It’s a constitutional right.
Harper likes the sound of that and he’d like to send that sound all the way north to Canada. The true north strong and free placing a gun in every Canadian’s hand.
Can it get any better than that?

A Good Christian Lady living in Texas was asked- when her daughter discovered a gun in her handbag-
“Mama, what are you afraid of?”
The mother snapped the gun from her daughter’s hand and remarked-
“Not a DAMN thing!”

Where do Gangs and Guns come from and why do they exist?
Like Christians, I don’t know.
I don’t remember shootouts in Downtown Toronto in the 60’s.
Hello! Gangs are right here in Orillia. You can see their trademarks on post boxes and buildings.

Why do many young men feel a need to join a gang to shoot and kill?
Small dicks, probably.
They make up for having small dicks by joining a rough and tumble gang.
Stay with me people!

Where does “living a life” come in?

Don’t get me started on those nutcases who cut off heads and dismember bodies only to have a snack on their victim’s guts.
Where does all this shit come from?
Fluoridation in the water supply?

What about that Eastern country where a woman is set to be stoned for not having a husband and having- a child. Right now the mother and baby are in a jail cell. This is one time when I would welcome the Americans to blast their way over there and save that girl’s life and the life of her child.
Maybe fill their guns with rocks.

For goodness sakes, right here in Orillia people are packin’!
There was a drug raid on John Street in the west end last week.
No surprise there and police find a loaded gun.
The guy was protecting his crop, I guess.
From what, I wonder?

I tell you fellow Canadians, I’d say we are going to “Hell in a Hand basket” but I don’t believe in the place.

In the meantime keep your stick on the ice and if you’re packin’ it had better be just a rolled up sock stuffed into your walking shorts!