Thursday, June 14, 2012


I was sitting there minding my own business, waiting for my appointment.

The waiting room was quiet.
Very quiet.
In fact it had been extremely quiet since the moment I walked through the door.
It was as if everyone said “shusssh”!
Rob’s coming through the door.
Let’s all be quiet and freak him out just a little.

Personally, I thought my fly was open.
Perhaps my ensemble wasn’t flattering.
No. I was matched head to toe.
Maybe I had broccoli stuck between my teeth.
Couldn’t be. I had only eaten a bagel for breakfast.

Just maybe I was the youngest person to walk through the door that afternoon.
Most of my fellow waiting room “friends” were much older.

I was staring at the floor beneath my feet, waiting for someone to break the silence.
Maybe someone would say-
“You’re such a young man Bubalah to be sitting here in an eye Doctor’s office.”
Nobody asked.

The silence continued for several minutes In fact I was beginning to wonder if any of them were breathing.
Maybe they were zombies waiting to have me for lunch.
A few more minutes passed when all of a sudden a petite older lady on my left threw out the first comment.

“So, that Bob Rae, eh?”
That’s all she said.
The woman with her said nothing. She just nodded in agreement.

A moment later a man two chairs away- on my right, piped up-
“So it looks like the MURF is done now.”
A lady on his right added-
“…after they spent all our money- which by the way could have been spent on something that would benefit the community.”

Tough crowd to be sure!

As she quieted down, a lady opposite blurts out:
“I hate that damned construction out on Memorial Avenue because the buses are all running late and are being detoured.”
That’s all she said.
The man who was accompanying her just flipped to another page in the magazine he was holding.
Hmmm. Maybe they were all Stepford Wives and their husbands.

Funny the things one hears when out and about. I guess they were all waiting for someone- anyone, to break the awkward waiting room silence.

I had heard enough.
I popped in an earpiece and tuned in Starlite Radio on my Samsung Smartphone,
effectively blocking out any more comments. After all I had heard everything I needed to hear. I was up to date:

Bob Rae says no to running for the Liberal Leadership.

The MURF- actually the recreation centre since the MURF was killed off a few years back, was a waste of money.


Memorial Avenue is a mess and a good area to avoid it during the summer months until the road is widened to four lanes as it is from the Bypass to Front Street South.

Funny the stuff you hear in a waiting room once the conversation starts rolling.