Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Do We Really Care?...Really?

Some days there are just so many little things that individually none of them make up an entire blog. So here are a few items to teensey-tiny to make up a full Blog.

1. Canada Post is warning us they are going to strike. Hmmm. Like do we really care? I mean really? My bills come online. I never get a letter. Seldom a postcard. Just advertising and some letters- almost daily, from the bank telling us how rich we aren’t! So get out there and strike all through the long, hot summer. Enjoy the fires you startin those big barrels at the checkpoints you set up. I mean if you did a half-decent job I’d be there with you but with the exception of our sub post office in a nearby Shoppers Drug Mart, your customer service stinks- not you Ben!

2. A boy was voted Prom Queen at his High School. He dressed as Lady Gaga to receive the crown.      Ho-Hum.

3. They’re talking about ripping down the old Sundial Restaurant in Orillia. Again?

4. Summer’s here and the young smart-alec assholes and assorted sluts are walking the park again. They’re screaming “Fuck” at the top of their lungs, and forcing us “oldsters” to endure the rough talk (like I can’t stream an impressive string of cusswords together) as we squeeze past them on the boardwalk. As we walked near the parking lot at the north end of Couchiching Beach Park we noticed two “young ladies” sunning in bikinis atop a black pickup truck’s black cap. Right away these young ladies should realize- no advertising needed. You sun on the top of a pickup truck on bikinis and you’re instantly entered in the “Slut Parade”. Yeeeee Haaaawww.

5. Now with this item we may care- but it’s a “we can’t do anything about it unless we take the bus”- which is tough to do crossing the Atlantic or Pacific. situation. As if air fares aren’t staggeringly high enough, airlines around the world including our beloved Air Canada and upstart WestJet, find was to charge passengers extra. For instance in 2009, Air Canada ranked eighth worldwide, charging passengers for this and that- like food. They hauled in $743.7 million in extra revenue. Air Canada also ranked in the top 10 that year for what is called “ancillary revenue per passenger”.
Since then Air Canada doesn’t release figures these days. Hmmm. Must be terribly lucrative this ancillary passenger revenue. This is the same airline that pays its CEO millions. He’s received something like a thousand percent raise in recent years as employees are still held to cutbacks and are having pension plans threatened.
What about little old WestJet? Although smiles and onboard giddiness abound- I hear pilots are regular comedians, they make some extra cash by charging passengers for a second bag.

6. Sir Conrad Black may go back to jail after losing another appeal. Do we really care. For God’s sake just let the man go. We get it already. Even billionaires can go to jail Geesh!

7. A Doctor has told Amy Winehouse to stop drinking or die. She was too drunk to understand. Do we really care?...and just who the hell is Amy Winehouse?

God Hates FAGS?
8. In the wonderful United States of America, a country that all other worldly countries wish to emulate and 90% of Canadian want to be citizens of, the KKK is now protesting against the protesters namely that Baptist Church that hangs out at funerals with those huge signs “God Hates Fags”. Talk about two nothings getting together to make even more nothing. Well it keeps them busy. Isn’t it just the least bit strange that the KKK still exists in America. I daresay if one looks far enough one could find a chapter or two in say- Alberta!! Do we really care? I guess not. At least we try to believe we don’t…

9. Oh Dear. Do we really care? Comedian Andy Dick has been charged with hitting a patron of a comedy club- where he was performing, straight in the face. Wait for it…
With his penis!

10. The NHL returns to Winnipeg. Do we really care? Just an excuse to drink beer and spit it on the fan in the seat in front of you. Charming.