Monday, May 2, 2011


They say you shouldn’t say anything bad about the dead.
Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Some of the first photos I saw online showed a bunch of Americans hootin’ and hollerin’ and waving signs and their flag. I thought that it pretty much the same thing Muslims do when they have murdered a westerner or stoned a woman. The apple doesn’t fall far from the heart. It’s too bad there has to be this evil on this earth- in mortal form, such as Osama Bin Laden.

I know you’ve heard me say this before but religion is to blame.
There are religious fanatics who will do anything in the name of Jesus Christ, Mohammed or whomever. Same outpouring of sprirt.
Same mis-direction.
Same translation of words written centuries ago- translated to fit their purpose.
It just all comes from a different book.

Don’t let protestants and catholics can’t get off too easily. They have also committed atrocities over the years, each in their own way. The Jews are still going at it too as they did centuries ago and of course many P’s and C’s still squarely blame the Jews for the death of a Saviour.

Speaking of a “saviour”, I would imagine the media is full of a Harperite victory as I write this on Monday afternoon for posting at midnight. There is still something massively unfair about our election process.

You know who I really wanted to vote for?
Jack Layton.
I met Layton and Olivia a couple of years ago at Toronto Pride. His arms were around Tom and I as we spoke our first few words to him. He called Olivia to his side and introduced us as we mentioned we had been married the same amount of years as they had been married.
Jack admitted that there wasn’t a strong NDP presence in Simcoe North and that he’d have to work on that point.

Well, Jack. There still isn’t. I wouldn’t now the NDP candidate if I fell over him, yet I know all the others including that “heretic” Adrian Kooger.
What a piece of work that guy is!
I have “faith” he’ll never show his face at my door in the name of the O.P.P.

I’ve said in this space before that I met Michael Ignatieff last summer. Tom and I both found him warm and sincere, possessing leadership qualities. I don’t know why that doesn’t translate on television. His sparkling blue eyes danced such a dance when we met him. I truly believe Canadians bought the disparaging characterization the Harperites were selling.
Too bad.
This thing about him working and teaching in America.
For **** sakes!
99 point 9 percent of Canadians wish they were Americans anyway, so why believe the garbage shoved at us by the Reformers in sheep’s clothing- The Harper Government, previously known as the Government of Canada.

Without Mr. Harper and his Reformer/Alliance folks on the scene. I wonder where we would we be this very day. Hell even former PM’s Clark and Mulroney have little time for “a Harper Canada.”

When I went in to the poll to mark my ‘X”, a couple of thoughts came to mind.
Firstly, how lucky we are to be able to vote and take it for granted. A simple voters card, some ID and they give you this piece of paper where you choose your favourite candidate and then pop it into the cardboard ballot box.
So simple and my right as a Canadian.

Secondly, I thought there were too many names on the ballot. Look, if memory serves me right, if that Krooger fellah, Valerie Powell and the NDP Guy all set their sights on another party, we’d have a Liberal win here in Simcoe North. More people vote for someone other than Mr. Stanton if I remember my figures from last time.

After all Krooger could join the Harper Team. My goodness they are all Christian bedfellows anyway. Both are from fringe churches of a “Baptist you’re all gonna die and burn in the fires of Hell” nature, so why not just vote for what you have already?

I have known Valerie for years but the Greens? C’mon. Really?
Although it’s a very environmentally friendly name and they reuse their signs by pasting a candidates name over the previous one, they don’t have a chance- either before the rapture or after.

Sidebar: The Rapture? Did you hear that Jesus Christ is returning to earth on May 21, 2011. That’s right, later this month. Now don’t worry. You still have a good many days to go before you have to even think about being “born again” to save your soul and head up to heaven- that’s just on the other side of the clouds where those 777’s fly, with Jesus and the Gang.

Of course the rest of us get to sit here on earth for another seven years- Christ doesn’t want to count us all out you know. Like the Liberals, he hopes there are some of us sitting on the fence about this religion thing and will eventually consent to have him hold us tightly to his breast.

Now where was I?
Oh yes and that NDP fella- what’s his name.
I don’t think so! Even though a few Jack Layton signs appeared here and there around the city. Jack would be my man if I could vote directly for him. Maybe Jack should turn the other cheek- like he did in that massage parlour, and run as a Liberal.
It’s been done before.
Yes it has!
Bob Rae ring any bells?

You know, we probably should just have let Mr. Rae be the Liberal leader after what’s his name from Quebec floundered through the last campaign.
But you now what?
I met Mr…ummm…ummmm. You know who I mean. I thought he was quite nice and amiable that Mr….ummmm.
Damn- what was his name?
Today, someone suggested that Rick Mercer should run for the Liberals.
It would be an absolute landslide- wouldn’t it?
A bit of a joke too given his personality and what he does for a living- making jokes and all- but we all could use a bit of a laugh in the House of Commons.

Anyway, it is what it is.
Osama is singing with the Muslim Angels and Harper is sitting on his throne in Ottawa and we couldn’t wipe the smirk off his “reformed” face if we tried.

The True North Strong and Free- that is until Osama’s family and friends bomb the hell out of us or Harper takes us back to a quieter, more un-enlightened time!
Have a good day fellow Canadians!