Monday, May 9, 2011


We just had to go back and take a picture of the sign. The sign that is just over the bridge in Atherley. The other evening we had a burger at the Roadside Eatery- one of our favs, just out number 12 past Rama Road and right next door to Leatherdale Marine.

On the way back into town Tom stopped the Swissshmobile and took a shot of “the sign”. That's the sign that tells us judgement day is coming May 21.
Girlfriends, in the Gay World- everyday is Judgement Day.
Wake me when it’s over.

Like the Sign Says: It’s all over on May 21st 2011.
As a public service, I thought I would a list a few things that you need to do or shouldn’t do- a “bucket list” if you will, before the Tribulation and Rapture.

1. Open the cottage for the season- albeit a short one, a week early on May 14th.

2. Sell those May 30th tickets to the Lion King to some unsuspecting heathen.

3. Make a new will that includes a bunch of greedy, no-good relatives. They’ll never get
your stuff anyway.

4. Mail your Christmas Cards- early!

5. Don’t fill the gas tank on Friday May 20th. Save your money. What for I don’t know!

6. If you’ve never robbed a bank, you might try it early in the morning on May 21st! What’s the worst that could happen- a few hours or minutes in prison.

7. Don’t buy any new summer fashions and most certainly don’t flip through a fashion magazine to see what’s new for fall. I mean really- what’s the use?

8. Tell your boss what you really think just before 5PM on Friday May 20th. There’ll be no work on the Tuesday following Victoria Day anyway.

9. Have Gay Sex with your best friend. It’s not like it’s a long-tern thing or anything…

10. Wondering what to buy the wife for her 40th Birthday in June. Do you really care?

11. Don’t pay your phone bill that's due on May 25th.

12. Spend your life savings on something frivolous- like a slot machine at the Casino.

13. Run up a huge long distance bill by calling Auntie Gerdie in Dusseldorf.

14. If you take a 24 hour allergy pill on the morning of May 21st, I have just one question- Why?

15. If you’ve never seen Niagara Falls, now would be a good time for obvious reasons!

See you in eternity.