Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Sometimes I need to get a life.

I throw some days away and accomplish very little. That comes from being retired- at least in the Windmills of my Mind.

Truthfully, I don’t always sit and vegetate. Today, I wrote a six page story about an interview I did- with God, of all people! It came to me when I woke up this morning. I started to write and I could hear the interview in my mind. God was talking too.
He was great. Maybe she. He/She asked me in what form I would like to see him/her resemble. I said Hugh Jackman and with a snap of a majestic finger I was talking to God who just happened to be in Hugh Jackman’s form.
God was pleased.
So was I.

The entire interview will be published on the Rob Reid Online Blogspot and probably Swisssh the Website too. There’s something in it for all of us to learn about God. For instance, God loves the Rockettes!
Who knew?
Maybe I’ll be the new Ron L. Hubbard or Mormon fellah- what’s his name?
I can see the headlines now-

“GOD TALKS ONE TO ONE WITH CANUK- Peter Mansbridge fumes!”

But here's something else I did that same day.
I thought you might get a chuckle- if I told you.

I was looking at one of my Swisssh Radio servers to determine what countries were listening to Swisssh Radio at that precise moment. I do that throughout the broadcast day. Now, I don’t want to freek anyone out- you understand. I think I did that already when I said hello to someone listening in a European Country.
I don’t do that anymore, although here I am writing about it.

Maybe I should think about changing the names of the country to protect the listener’s identity.

…This is me thinking about whether or not I should do that…

…This is me answering- Naw…

You see, I am able to see where listeners are located- anywhere in the world. A Google map displays country names. I can look at a satellite view as well.
A little Star Trekky- isn’t it?

Among many listeners to Swisssh Radio, are people living in various cities in Germany.
I know not why.
In fact last week I had Tom record a station ID for me in German- since he was born in Berlin and that is his first language. When I see a bunch of listeners from Germany, I throw on the ID. Usually it happens in mid to late afternoon because of the 6 hour time difference between Canada and Germany.
Haven't got an e-mail from anyone- yet. The e-mail address is mentioned in one of the recorded German language ID's.

I have a listener or two in Turkey. Probably in a "cave" out the desert.
Oshawa Ben Lahden! !
That's what I thought too.
Maybe I found him and he listens to Swisssh Radio!
What would the world think about that?
Now today, I had someone listening from a new place in the country of Turkey.
Someone was listening from Istanbul, on the shores of the Sea of Marmara which connects via a river from the Black Sea into the Sea of Marmara and then into the Aegean Sea towards Greece.
I even had someone in Thessalonia listening a week ago.
Small World?
Now the water might actually might flow the other way from the Aegean to the Sea of Marmara and then to the Black Sea. I can’t tell from the Google Map.
As I looked at a map of the City Of Istanbul and it’s various streets, I had a thought- Why not play "Istanbul-not Constantinople" by the Four Lads over the radio.
So I did.
What fun, eh?

Then later that same afternoon, I had someone listening from London, England.
Jolly good!
The Queen maybe?
No, someone a few blocks from Buckingham Palace. It was actually in the neighbourhood of The British Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. I know the area. I've walked along that very street.

I have this Swisssh Radio Station ID I play from time to time that features Queen Elizabeth. Okay, so I do her Majesty's voice. It’s not the real Queen Elizabeth.
I couldn’t afford her.
The “Queen”in the promo, says she loves to listen to Swisssh Radio-hem, hem, hem! The announcer part tells the listener that Swisssh Radio is for Central Ontario and just maybe Buckingham Palace too.
I played it over the air and wondered what that person listening to Swisssh Radio- just a few minutes from Buckingham Palace and a hop, skip and a jump from Westminster Abbey, might think.
Once again- no response..

Fun though, isn’t it?

Educational as well. It certainly has improved my geographical skills- tenfold!

By the way, if one day The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) knocks on my door- speak well of me well, while I’m gone!