Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I watched a great little 10 minute video the other day.

Don Andrews a radio friend sent it to me.
I think he was prompted to do that after reading the last blog I wrote about Swisssh Radio turning four years old on March 7th 2011. It was a fascinating little video presentation from one of those “smart” fellows that do fascinating little videos.

This guy posts his stuff on You Tube and gets many thousands of hits and I presume, turns it into profit- somehow. The video talked about economic behaviour- and purpose.

Do you have purpose?
I believe I do.
Some days it doesn’t seem like I do but then I look around me and I realize I am quite the lucky guy because I do have purpose in my life- even today at my age.
That is another story for another time but as I get closer to my 60th this year, it is on my mind a lot. I believe it is good to have purpose at this advanced state of decay.

In a nutshell the video was talking about companies- employers, allowing their workforce to come up with ideas and such and not get results exclusively based on how much an employee gets paid.It was saying one should allow individuals to have and find purpose and they’ll blossom and the outcome will be tenfold. I don’t think I have covered all the angles here but you probably get the drift.

I believe in a small way, this is how I have always treated people and do so today especially with Swisssh and my theatrical group The Garage Door Players. I have purpose and allow people to develop purpose and ideas. Let them- as well as myself, challenge what they do. It is strange economic behaviour but people need to be challenged and have a purpose to do better. To be satisfied with the final result.

I challenge myself all the time.
I most certainly don't make much money at it.
I mean look- I just wrote one stage show back in the late summer /early fall. I directed it and hired the talent and starred in it in December- along with a terrific cast. We even managed to donate 600 bucks to a local non profit organization.

At the same time, I was also learning dialogue for another show- 450 lines of dialogue as a matter of fact in varying sizes. The longest was a page and a half monologue.
Challenging indeed!
All that dialogue took me weeks to learn.
That gave me purpose.

At the same time, I write almost daily- my RobBlog is just one example. I keep Swisssh Radio on the air and Swisssh the Website current on a daily basis.
I don't know how I do it all sometimes- or why I do it. There are times when I would just like to close everything down and sit and knit in a corner. That would have some degree of purpose- wouldn’t it?
Oh wait!
I just remembered.
I can't knit!

Sometimes there is payback. The show I just finished for Mariposa Arts Theatre called "Looking" is being picked up by another production company. They have hired the same actors and a couple of Stage Managers. The show- a Norm Foster comedy, will be part of the summer season at the Gravenhurst Opera House in July- fingers crossed. There are still some “t’s” to be crossed and “I’s” to be dotted.

Back to “purpose”.
I worked for Rogers when a local radio station was Lite FM and then JACK FM. All Rogers cared about was the profit margin. They made fewer of us at their Orillia station do the work of many.
There was no purpose. We should have been a vibrant part of the community we served. For the most part we were a masquerade. The staff lost purpose and we did less than we had ever done.
Many of the same staffers who worked their butts off for a radio station called “EZ Rock” just didn’t have the same drive for this company called Rogers.

I do far more these days for me, since retiring.
I am self-directed- that’s the term used in this video.
However, I don't make a ton of cash. I like being able to say to people- Hey, I am self-directed. It would be even more satisfying to have a million dollars in your bank account as you say it. The moral to this story and the video I watched?

If I could take what I know and mix it with the collective knowledge of a few friends and associates who have the same “bent”, it would translate our purpose into cash flow. I am talking about Net Radio Broadcasters if you are having difficulty following my thought. Our purpose would become greater and we'd be able to pay the bills and fly to Hawaii three or four times a year!!
That's the part that doesn't work.

Many people and organizations have economic purpose and expect me to put stuff on Swisssh the Website and Swisssh Radio for free.
They have purpose.
I have purpose as well.
I didn’t used to be so free but today- most of the time, I do it because it gives me purpose. I tend to be more selective- but not without purpose and definitely not profit.

The video is at http://www.thatvideosite.com/

Thus endeth my lesson.
I'm tired now.