Friday, March 11, 2011

ROBBLOG # 234 W E E K E N D Edition

Didyaever? Well, did ya?

Didyaever wish you could always remember where you last put your glasses?

Didyaever want to be able to grow Palm Trees in your yard?

Didyaever think that things in life couldn’t possibly get any worse than they are- and yet they do?

Didyaever want to be 20 again? Maybe 40? OK. I’ll take 50!

Didyaever wish that people who send you “SPAM” e-mails- about making your Penis bigger, would have their computers blow up in their face.

Didyaever think what it would be like if either Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) or Allan Hawco (Republic of Doyle) were your neighbours and they cut the grass a couple of times a week shirtless?
I know.
I am a tramp…and proud of the fact.

Didyaever hope that just for a change someone else would say “I’m sorry”?

Didyaever wonder why young people “spit”? Why can’t a huge gust of wind come up and throw that mouth gizm right back in their face.

Didyaever think seriously about global warming after the first week of this blasted month of March? What a charade.

Didyaever stop and think- why bother?

Didyaever wish that people were “colour” blind?

Didyaever put two and two together and eventually find you were wrong?

Didyaever cry during a movie or when your vet calls to tell you your yellow lab’s growth is benign?

Didyaever want to see someone who’s “passed on”- just one more time?

…..well, did ya?