Thursday, March 10, 2011


For pete’s sake, will March ever lighten up and give us a string of warmish, sunny, spring-like days?

I am fed up with all the snow and now- all the rain.
Of course, we don’t have to shovel the rain- do we?
Before you read further, I must warn you, I am in a bit of
a mood. Blame it on the rain. Some of the stuff that follows
is blunt to say the least. So you have been warned.

I see the Harperites are at it again. Running the Government of Canada…..uh….excuse me- The Harper Government, their way. Hardly seems like “our Canada” some days does it, yet many Canadians would gladly stand in line to kiss Harper’s big Conservative ass! Of course guess who would be first in line. So, if you are a dyed-in-the-wool reformer you couldn’t be first to smooch a lily-white buttock.

Like I said in a blog a few days ago, maybe it’s time to give Jack Layton a chance. Too bad we didn’t have a strong person running for the NDP in Simcoe North. See, if we could vote locally and for a leader we could place an “x” for Jack. Of course in our democracy we can’t. Soon in our dictatorship- run by one man and his party, there’ll be a lot of things we won’t be able to do.

What’s this crap about a “tea party north”. Can’t we ever come up with something on our own? Why as Canadians do we all have our lips firmly planted on American Ass? I mean really, there are some American asses I would love to kiss but the idea of a tea party in this land? On the other hand- or cheek if you will, there are some pretty cute Canadian asses I’d plant a smooch on too like Allan Hawco of CBC Television’s “Republic of Doyle”.
Now that’s Canada Grade a Prime!

Allan Hawco
 Do you remember me telling you in a blog a couple of years ago about that group of five guys who threw six dozen eggs on our house one Sunday evening in June about midnight? They not only threw eggs, they screamed- “Faggot!” Then they all ran up the street under the cover of darkness like the bunch of “pussies” they were- and are.
Charming eh?
I also told you the police dropped the investigation- at least we believe they did. You see, no one every told us one way or the other what happened with the on going investigation.
Then yesterday, I’m waiting to turn into my drive when I see two of these guys walk past on the sidewalk in front of our garage.
My heart skips a beat- and not in good way, every time I see them. One guy even nods and they both smile. Isn’t that nice and neighbourly?
I know their faces from the pictures the cops showed us. Guess we still have to live with these homophobic bastards living just up the street from our house.

So that monstrosity of a public library is taking shape on Mississaga Street, West- next to the Opera House. What do you think of it? Take an up close and personal look. Just walk around the back wall of the Opera House and look up. It can only get better but I think it’s going to be an albatross on the streetscape of Downtown Orillia.
That’s it for now. I feel a bit better. Bitching can be a good thing now and then- can’t it?
Hope you feel better now too.

Until next time…