Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This is going to be a short Blog.

I may not have much time.
Well, in reality, I think I have some time.
I mean I am feeling fine. I am healthy. I exercise. I moisturize and my waist size is still smaller than it was a couple of decades ago. I am still able to remove my shirt in public without too much embarrassment and I can wear a rather form-fitting tee shirt and hold my own with many guys my age or in the case of a few friends, 10 years under my age.

My ego is in tact too- as you can see.
That being said, I am definitely starting the slide down the other side of the mountain that is life. Actually, I have been sliding the past decade. What is the average life expectancy for a Canadian Male anyway?
Somewhere around there.
So what’s up Rob?- I hear you say.

You dragged it out of me.
I applied for my Canada Pension the other day.
The Canada Pension Plan.
I downloaded the pages from the Service Canada site.
By the way, what is that all about?
That name.
Services Canada?
It makes me feel old just hearing the name not to mention reading the site.
There has to be a better name.

Anyway, I am feeling sad. As you read in my last Blog, I was already feeling a little blue, what with the show I was a part of- closing last Sunday.
Now, this.
I read a column in the Star on Tuesday about choosing to take my CPP early. I had already made up my mind to do just that over the past year. This article suggested that I apply around the 6 month mark- before actually turning 60.

Gawd, that number looks old when I see it in print. I have always liked the numbers 6 and the number 0- except when they happen to be temperatures on a thermometer in fall and winter months!

So, I downloaded the pages from the Services Canada website. I answered the questions. Then signed the document. Slipped it into an envelope, stamped it and mailed it. All in about 15 minutes. Now I just wait to see how much pension I will get that will see me through the first few years of “old-age-hood”.

I’m on a roll. I Think I 'll do a pre-planned funeral next...that ought to be just as much fun!

My life as I know it is practically over- don't you think?
So, I am on the slide. I am down to the last few hundred metres on the far side of that big hill- until I reach bottom. Then I get boxed, heated to about a thousand degrees and plopped into a nice little urn and placed in a niche for eternity.

Oh yes, I must tell you, I watched a movie the other night called "Drag Me to HELL". It was a quirky little film filled with gore, maggots, an old witch, flying hobgoblins
and...well, you get the picture.
It gave me a few ideas on how much fun I could have in the years- maybe even decades I have left.

The End… almost.