Friday, February 18, 2011

ROBBLOG # 223 W E E K E N D Edition

Out in the Barn
…with Betsy, Lilloweth and Helen. PART II

“Look at that glorious morning sunshine! Isn’t it grand, just Grand?” exclaims Betsy as she looked out the porthole window in her stallhome.

Lilloweth- who lived next door, was nudging a small bunch of hay into a tiny pile with her nose. “Yes, it does make one’s heart glad. Land’s alive it does!” She began to chomp at the hay on the floor of her stallhome.

“Lilly, toss me some of that bright yellow hay you have there will you? It looks so yumm.”- says Betsy.

“Certainly Doll.” Lilloweth tossed a hearty bunch over the wall of her stallhome into Betsy’s. “Munch away on that. Isn’t it delightful? There’s more in the bin down by the harness hook. It must be from Farmer Frank’s south fourty, it is so delish!”

“So, Lilly, what do you want to do today?”- asks Betsy as she munched away.

“Well Doll, there’s this radio show on CBC all about bugs at eleven. I have to tune in of course but the rest of the day is clear!”

“My Goodness Dear, the things you listen to on that old radio!” cried Betsy, “I guess that’s why you know something about everything these days. That radio and you are quite the twosome - aren’t you?”

“I suppose so,”-Lilloweth conceded, “I just love the music and- oh! The news! That’s how I find out about that big, wide world outside that window of yours Doll!”

“I guess that world is pretty huge out there Dear, I mean beyond that south fence.” Betsy daydreamed for a short moment. Her dream was only broken only by the sound of Helen’s voice.

“So Girls, what’s the scoop this fine, sunny morn. Oh, I had the best sleep last night. I dreamt about Roger!”

“You mean that black bull from Hodgepodge Farm?”-Betsy seemed shocked. She turned and stuck her pretty head out the entrance of her stallhome. Helen stood just a few feet away.

“The very same Toots! He is sooo dreamy. Have you seen the size of his hoofs?”- Helen both gushed and blushed! Blushed as well as any “bovine” can, of course.

Lilloweth turned her huge backside towards the side wall of her stallhome, turning to see Helen she says- “Good Gosh Helen, you sound like such a tramp sometimes! Honestly, but you do!”

“I know!”- Helen gleefully replied. “Isn’t it wonderful! So Ladies I see you are both finishing breakfast. Sorry to interrupt you.”

“No, you’re not interrupting Helen, we were just talking about what we would do this lovely sunny day.”-says Betsy. “Lilly is going to listen to a radio programme first and then the day is free!”

Helen thought for just a second, then says- “I know! Let’s go down to the big oak, near the stream. We can munch on the tender grass in its shade and who knows, someone special might wander down into those woods on the other side of the old log rail fence!”

“Helen!”- Betsy cried, “You know very well who might wander down there. You’re hoping to see that Roger fellah- aren’t you?”

“That’s it Betsy! That’s what she is hoping for! Of course that’s exactly what she hopes will happen after her sordid midnight dreams!”- mooed Lilloweth.

“And just what is the harm in that Lilly? C’mon, it’ll be fun. We can take a salt lick and make an afternoon of it!” Helen’s eyes began to sparkle!

Betsy mused about the prospect. “Okay. Why not? Maybe some of those other boys will wander down too! It could be a picnic!”

“Yes, remember there’s that spot in the fence where we can hop over- or maybe the boys will wander over to this side. It’s a good thing the cedar bushes are so full there. I’d hate to think what Farmer Frank would say if he saw us cavorting with the boys from Hodgepodge Farm!”

“Then, it’s set.” Helen was ecstatic! “I better go give my hooves a polish. Oh! I can wear my new bell!”

Lilloweth looks up from her breakfast- “More jewellery Helen? You have more jewellery?”

“A girl can never have too much bling!” Helen winked. “Oh, listen gals, there are some apples in the wooden box under the tool shed window. I’ll throw a few in my bag- just in case you-know-who shows up and is hungry!”

“I guess I could bring my radio along for entertainment.”- Lilloweth added.

“Your radio? Now, how in the name of lumpy logs do you expect the cord to reach all the way down to the stream Dear?” Betsy had posed a sensible question.

“You have a point Betts. Better grab my MP3 Player with the attached stereo speakers instead!”- says Lilloweth.

“What? Now you have an MP3 player Dear?”- cried Betsy.

“Yes, of course. Doesn’t everyone these days? It came via CanPar just last week. What a nice delivery person too. He was ever so polite and handsome for a human. He tapped gently on my stallhome door and wished me a pleasant day!”

Betsy and Helen looked stunned.
It was a perfectly logical response thought Lilloweth.
Helen suddenly broke the lull. “You Ladies. You do make me smile you know. See you later, say noonish?”

“We’ll be ready- with bells on!” adds Betsy.

“As if!” Helen sauntered back to her stallhome.

Meanwhile, Lilloweth swayed back and forth to a new country song on the old Philco radio. Betsy got busy tidying up her stall as the brilliant morning sun shone through her window, flooding the floor beneath her feet with warm, gentle light.

It was indeed another lovely day in the Barn.