Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This is going to be a rather strange read for some of you.

This Blog comes from the “Spiritual” side of the universe- from the spiritual side of me if you like. I was asked to open my channel and listen. The “person” sending the message has been having difficulty having someone make note of what they needed to say and pass it along.
I guess my door was open.

I hadn’t planned to write a Blog for today. In fact I have been working on another segment of- “Out in the Barn”- The story of Betsy, Lilloweth and Helen. You can read Part I on yesterday’s Blog. Part II will come Friday.

So, today or rather late- early in the morning Thursday, I had this “message” come to me. It will make sense to someone who reads my Blogs or it may be someone who is reading my Blog for the first time. I have never, ever been asked to relay a message in this fashion- but what do I know?
The message for that “someone” will be found in a container of some description. It will be a sign for someone. I am told it will be an affirmation, perhaps that there is more- much more, after this time.

There is a symbol involved which resembles two crescent moons interlocked, with the top points of each moon intersected with each other- like two Letter “C’s”- one being a mirror image of the other. It could be a lock of some description. When the “C’s” or “moon’s” are turned clockwise and counter-clockwise at the same time, the movement will unlock something. There will be a quiet “click”.

This lock will be found attached to a piece of leather or rawhide- which may be one and the same.
That’s what I was told.
I don’t argue.
Keep in mind that sometimes these symbols or pictures are not precisely translated. It could be precise or just a single, small part of the description I receive.
It is not exact.
Sometimes the messenger fails to send me a clear image.
I am just the “receiver” of the message after all.

This “lock’ is attached to a container- possibly made of porcelain. The container has the shape of a “bell jar” on top. It sits- or sat, on a small walnut-coloured table to the right of a raised floor, in front of a large pair of French Windows. There’s a balcony outside the doors with perhaps a lake or ocean on the other side. There appears to be a breeze because side curtains are blowing lightly in a breeze.

It is not clear but I think I am being told that this description of place is where the “container” once sat. It may not be there now but it will be in the memory of the person or persons this message was intended for.

I am also being shown a picture of Bob Hope in his younger movie days- when he did those travel films with Bing Crosby.
I know.
This sounds nuts.
I thought this was strange too but Bob Hope did make an appearance here in Orillia decades ago when he was appearing at the CNE in Toronto.
I feel the message is for someone in this area.
It may not be for someone who knows me at all.
In particular, I am being told to look at the shape of Mr. Hope’s nose.
I do not know why.

This container will have something inside which will have great meaning for those that either have this container in their possession or are about to have it in their possession.
I believe the former, rather than the latter.

From the outside, this moon-shaped “locking” device will look like a decoration. Only the person who placed the message- it could be a note or another object, will know its true meaning as well as the person or persons who open the vessel upon understanding this message.

So, there you have it. I have never forwarded a message such as this before. I was ready to retire for the evening when the message came through to me.
I don’t always understand what I am being told.
It’s not for me to unravel it’s meaning or comment about the content.
The message is not for me but it could be for you if you are reading this RobBlog today.

Good Luck.