Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ROBBLOG Holidays # 199

For a couple of years now, information about Swisssh Radio has appeared on the first page of the Packet’s U R Orillia page on the Packet Online Edition- www.orilliapacket.com

I did so because Mark Bisset gave me a priority sign-in code. Thanks Mark! I appreciated that.

However, I have stopped writing a little something about Swisssh the Website and Swisssh Radio in the online edition. The major stumbling block? The a**hole(s) who consistently write their two cents worth under the stories in the online edition.

They do it using a nom-de-plume.
I use my real name.

The reindeer crap finally hit the fan after my show A Chatty HANKmuss. Hank- and myself, were cut to the quick. One blogger said Hank was not funny. Another accused Hank of making fun of people with speech impediments.
Poor Hank.
You see, he’s a character on stage and he can’t speak for himself- readily at least.
Someone has to put the words in his mouth.
The “bloggers” also said I wasn’t funny and accused me of the exact same things Hank had been accused of. I noticed too that the bloggers- although not using their real names, felt at ease using my real name- Hank’s too.

The bloggers also couldn’t get the name of the show correct. I swear, not one of them had ever seen Hank on stage, yet they had plenty to say and even tied Mayor Orsi into their Blogs, since the “humour story” from the City Christmas Party was still a “hot potato” and Mr. Orsi was a guest on Hank’s show.

Oh yes indeedy do…

Intelligent questions/statements abound on U R Orillia Blogs. The comments rarely offer direction or positive input and with the fear of me being charged with duplicity, may I say- most are un-informed and “stupid”. I read a few of the blogs about me and thought “Good Grief”! I was advised to say nothing and write nothing but I had a lawyer at the ready!

I wish I possessed the rapier sharp wit of Dame Clare Voyant. She’d send those “Comment Makers” to lonely places of duplicity in the farthest corners of earth with just a tiny utterance of vowels and consonants rolling off an acidic tongue, over ruby red lips and out into the annals of time and space. ”

I “look on the bright side” of not publishing- as Monty Python and the boys sing in the movie- “Life of Brian”. The point is Dear Readers. I have vanished myself, yet I have learned something. No, I am not stating here what it is I have learned. That’s for me to know and understand.

I must say, I did enjoy the creative process and the weekly posting and a brush with editorial fame-
And that’s all I will say.