Monday, December 6, 2010


All I can say is- I hope that Santa can take a moment, fly down from the North Pole (Canada) and sprinkle the City of Orillia with Jingle Bell Dust that will give 400 people- or more, the inclination to attend A Chatty HANKmuss.

A tall order. 400 bums in seats!

Four Shows December 11th and 12th at 2PM and 7:30. Why four shows? We really can only comfortably fit 100 people in each show- that’s 200 bum cheeks! Any more and it’s crushed.

Last year, at the Dickens show- A Christmas Carol, there was something like 320 people all packed into St. Andrews on one very special evening. One wouldn’t think it could be that toughto get 100 folks for each of 4 shows.

Oh, you know not of what you speak.
This is Orillia after all!
Hockey Heaven.
If it ain’t hockey…it ain’t on the radar.

People will attend from Coldwater and Barrie and the outlying areas too but we need a bunch of people- especially those who support Couchiching Jubilee House to bring family, friends and neighbours.

Has it sunk in yet that there is no Dickens Reading this year?
I don’t think so.
This is the show.
The replacement Show for A Christmas Carol.

Couchiching Jubilee House asked Hank back in May if he would do a show for Christmas. Hank contacted me and on the second try I had wrote a script that I liked. That script is “A Chatty HANKmuss”. Hank hosts his very first “live” Television TChat Show from the stage at the Stubley Auditorium.
It had been a dreadful amount of work all shared by 14 cast and crew and four special guests.Our show has Sherry Lawson, Garfield Dunlop, Mayor Angelo Orsi and Leslie Fournier. All these fine local celebrities and politicians gratefully accepted the invitation to be on the show and share the stage with Hank!

Daunting, I know.
Hank will be gentle.
Some Holiday Humour at best!

So drop your Christmas Tinsel and your balls…that didn’t sound right- did it?...
and come to our show. We guarantee you a wonderful Holiday time at the Stubley Auditorium at St. James Church n Downtown Orillia.

Our tickets are available at Manticore Books, Shadows Salon, Home Hardware and at Couchiching Jubilee the remainder of this week from 9 until noon at 79 Colborne Street East at Matchedash Street, South.

Please buy.
Don’t be a Grinch.
Don’t be a Srooge.
We NEED your money. It’s as simple as that. We give you laughs and entertainment I return.
Hey, the Shriners will be at each show selling their Christmas Cakes!!
How Jolly!!

Support Couchiching Jubilee House. There’s a dessert buffet at intermission- all included in your 25 dollar admission ticket.

If you can’t purchase before hand, we will have tickets at the door as well. Thanks to all our ticket buyers and those sponsors in our “massive” Chatty HANKmuss Programme.
You have all done well!