Friday, December 24, 2010


A Christmas Greeting 2010.

It’s been quite a year. Now that Christmas is here once more, it’s time to reflect over the past 12 months. Take “Joy” in what has been and what lies ahead.

We celebrate the lives of those who lived with us and have passed onto the next level in this evolution called life- and beyond.

It’s been a year when we’ve had to say goodbye to many. It started with our lovely orange tabby Luma back at the end of February. Cancer took her beautiful, little soul at just 10 years of age.
She tried to stay longer with her Dad’s but it just wasn’t to be. As we rushed her to the Vet Clinic, she passed in Rob’s arms. We had her wrapped in a special blanket.
Our Luma joins an ever-growing list of our “pet” family who have passed.
Samantha-the Irish Setter.
Max and Lucky- our tabbies
Samantha (Winterwynd Missy) our first Schnauzer.
We remember each and every one with much love.

These days Pine Tree House is still filled with happy pets.
Kiki- our yellow lab is a glorious 14 ½ years old. She loves her walks and laying in front of the fire. Doing stairs is a bit of a chore for her these days but her eyes still sparkle with great love and joy!

Missy, our exuberant mini-Schnauzer was six last month. She “sings” when we take her leash down from its hook inside the closet. She clings to Kiki and loves to snuggle next to her Dads. Missy has welcomed Dickens and Doyle into the household and has bonded with each of them- except when they purr too loudly when she’s trying to catch a snooze. Then, it’s get me away from these cats! Kiki just goes with the flow!
Dickens and Doyle?

On September 19th we added two new members to our family- Dickens and Doyle, a pair of orange kittens- brothers, from the OSPCA. Doyle is named after Luma (Luma Doyle). Dickens- because he is one. The name has a nice “Holiday Ring” to it-doesn’t it? On December 19th they were 6 months old. The “boys” have been a lot of work for us!
A lot of training. Some upsets but much progress. We’ve never had kittens in the house before. Max, Lucky and Luma were all about a year old when we welcomed them to the family. These boys keep their Dads busy. They’ve grown like wild fire and have been neutered already. Both of them love to lie atop the leather chair- next to the Keeping Room window. The bird and squirrel feeder stands just a couple of feet away. Plenty of action there to keep them occupied when they’re not watching TV or the computer screen perched on a comfortable lap.

Unfortunately, our year had been sprinkled with other losses.

Our dear friend Sharon Foster- Jim Foster’s wife, passed. We bet he still reads his columns out loud to her for approval from afar. We’ll always remember her laugh!

A long-time family friend Marion Cox passed as well. A small family turnout but when you reach 90 years of age, many have already gone before.

Our neighbour Heidi Birch. She is missed.

Barry Norman who Rob worked with in Broadcasting since the mid 70’s.

Then, Olive Corrigan. A dear, sweet lady who supported us in everything we did. We miss hearing her cheery voice over the phone- “Hello Dear, how are you two?”
We miss the Martini’s on the verandah.
Her laughter.
Her perfect nails.
Helping her up to her apartment after a dinner out at StoneHedge at Vilda and Jack’s.
Olive fought cancer and when the drugs became too much, she opted for “quality of life”. Her last year was brilliant! On our last outing together, we had a picnic at the park and took in the band concert at the Aquatheatre. Just Olive, Rob’s Mum and the two of us.

Then, a day or two ago Cousin Judy’s husband Doug passed. Unexpected. A memorial service for Doug will be held after Christmas.

Here at Pine Tree House, we both have our health and great love for each other.
We will celebrate our 26th Anniversary on April 4th. Last year we headed back to Hawaii for out 25th. It was a special holiday. We walked to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, where we had our first breakfast together- on the beach. We stayed at a wonderful, small condominium Hotel called The Cabana where the staff treated us very well. It was a marvellous time.

Our kitchen had a complete reno in the spring. It’s first in 18 years here. Then, we replaced the carpet with wood flooring in the Rose Madder Room and in January a new Master Bath is in the plans.

Swisssh Radio is still broadcasting and is four years old in March 2011.

Tom is still flying with Air Canada and landed in Paris for the first time this year. We want to go there together some time soon.

We’ve seen some wonderful Musical shows this year- Wicked and Priscilla among them. We’ve just ended the year with our own production of a show Rob wrote called A Chatty HANKmuss. Cast and crew of 14. It was a big job but we had a lot of fun.

Our gardens were gorgeous this past summer with many accolades from people passing by on the sidewalk. Boy, the neighbourhood’s changed! Although many past neighbours have moved but there are new neighbours to meet and get to know.
The evolution of time and place.

There have been some interesting family times. Laughter, Bar B Q’s, Picnics and dinners. Both tears and happiness. Some health concerns but we are staying positive.

So Dear Friends and Family, here’s our chance once again to wish you Health and Happiness not only during this Christmas Season but the whole year through. Take kindly to the passing years and grab a quiet moment or two when our busy lives allow.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Pine Tree House.

Rob & Tom

Kiki, Missy, Dickens and Doyle.