Monday, November 27, 2017


This is the Week That Was...

Or will be.
Or should have been four months ago!
July 29th was our original move in date for our new build home here on Vancouver Island.

All the details of our move and the past three months of "hurry up and wait" are on this blog. Just scroll down a bit and read some of the older bits- if you're interested.

It feels a bit surreal actually.
Tom and I have been counting the months and weeks and days for an eternity it seems. Now, our future is just about here. If all goes the way we've planned, the house keys should be in our hands on Thursday morning.
It seems strange to write that...
Thursday Morning.

Saturday we'll be laying our heads down under a new roof. It's the beginning of the rest of our lives.
Those lives being spent here in the Cowichan- the City of Duncan to be precise. It's a nice place. Not a big city like Toronto or Victoria but busy with the Island Highway or Trans-Canada Highway slicing through Duncan from South to North on the east side.

Duncan's Downtown is a lot like Orillia's back in Ontario. Small shops, restaurants and services.
This past Friday night Duncan welcomed in the Christmas Season. The entire downtown was lit with thousands of Christmas Lights on buildings and wrapped around trees. At 8 o'clock there were fireworks from atop City Hall. That's right! Fireworks from the top of the building showering the people below and all accompanied to thundering music of the Holiday Season. That would nevefr happen back in Orillia. The crowds are kept at a distance. Here, we actually stood underneath the fireworks shower.

Christmas trees in the Duncan City Square were not only decorated with multi strings of lights but actual decorations were hanging from branches. This is something one would not see back in "Old Home" in Orillia. The snow would prevent it but here in the mild temps of a 10c evening, garlands and ornaments covered tree branches along with the lights.
It was a warm, inviting, Holiday evening.

Further down island Victoria celebrated with an evening Santa Clause Parade. First time I ever saw Santa with a huge umbrella on his float. The photo below is from the Victoria Times.

To recap, first we get possession of our new home then the furniture arrives on Saturday from Nanaimo. Island friends are coming to lend a hand- all former Ontarians who now also make this Island their home. It will be a busy day of unpacking and unwrapping. Some adult beverages. Some food. Some stories and ultimately all our stuff will be in place and looking comfy-cosy.
How nice!

After the furniture and accessories are in place, the next job will be to haul out my three Christmas Trees and get a late start on the holiday decorating.
It's a big job but I am up for the task.
Happy Holidays!!

With all this unpacking and decorating going on I may not get back to blog writing for a bit.
I'm not saying never but I will require an internet connection- and some spare minutes.
Next time I should be writing from my studio- home to Swisssh and Starlite, from Stonewood Village.
How Exciting!