Sunday, November 5, 2017


Nota Bene: This BLOG has a picture of Male Buttocks below.
I couldn't help it!

Welcome to the first "full" week in November!

I am Blogging today with a note to Kathleen Wynne Premier of Ontario.

Kathy, I looked at the list of Ontario Cities where legalized pot will be sold at LCBO outlets. Katie, it really is non of my beeswax- since as of August 22nd I live in British Columbia and not Ontario. I mean, here on the Island the smell of friggin' pot wafting across neighbourhoods is as prevalent at the smell of piss in the streets of Paris.
I don't like it.
The pot that is, although the smell of Parisienne Urine is not on the top of my list of favourite scents but it is Paris after all and Paris beats almost anything.

I don't agree with Justin legalizing it and I can't agree with the choice of the Ontario Cities where you will allow it to be sold.
I mean c'mon Kath, Orillia isn't on your list?
Orillia has been home to lots and lots of Potheads since the beginning of time.
People smoked it.
Grew it. Baked it. Rolled it.
They made fun of it and most importantly were stoned on it ever since I can remember.
Cripes the CBC even did a story on it when I was in High School back in the 60's.

Pot Gentlemen to be sure....
I mean in Orillia, couldn't pot stores could set up shop right next to the meth clinics?
How convenient, eh?
I know you want to have the LCBO distribute the foul weed but you could make an exception for Orillia. Gee, Kate, throw in a cash store and another Dollarama and the lineup would be around the block!

You really need to get to know Orillia, Kath. Don't discount this Central Ontario city just because the Conservatives kiss the ass Patrick Brown sits on. The Tories in Orillia and area would lick
Doug Ford's balls if they were offered to them in the display cabinet- next to the sour cream Timbits, at one of the many fine Tim Horton Outlets peppered across the city.

Look Kaff, the point is, you saw fit to skip Orillia and sell the mood altering plant in Barrie.
Now, I know you can't stand Patrick Brown- I can't either- obviously, however, living in BC, I don't have to worry about that any more. I have the Green Party to keep me entertained here.

All being said and done, I am concerned.
I mean look at that young, prominent Orillia fellah who has his lips permanently stuck on Pat's lower cheeks without the aid of velcro. What might he do and believe if he were able to buy whacky tabacky locally, instead of driving to Bah-ree.
The sky is the limit Kate. He might follow in Garfield's family footsteps one of these days and be a problem down the road for you- like Patrick is today.
He isn't Garfield's son, so that won't work but then again maybe he is Paddy's seed.
I mean do we really know Kathleen?
I digress...

Back to Mr. Brown.
Surely you know what he has been up to and what he is really like.
I mean really...isn't his office just down the hall? You must hear and see things? Ask your wife.

Now, I know he comes off as not being able to say "tah tah" if his mouth was full of it but "Geeze Louise" lift his flap and you'll see he has an expiration date just like the Mary Jane you are marketing practically everywhere else but Orillia!

Oh, I know places like Midland and Owen Sound and Dryden aren't on your list either but would they really be on anyone's list for anything- except a list of the "buttcracks of the world"?
Now, c'mon people, if you live there you know what I mean.
I spent 38 minutes in Dryden this past summer.
You think that little Katie just made a little mistake and forgot about you?
It was on purpose. This fine upstanding Lesbian Premier of Canada's biggest and best province
is that powerful and as a Gay Man I have nothing against Kate. I like her. I have met her. She is one of "us" and as you know- the Lesbians keep the flannel shirt industry booming.

Look folks, if you don't have an LCBO Pot Store near you, you'll have to get a PayPal account and buy your stash online just like everyone else who lives in a forgotten Ontario Town or City that doesn't vote Liberal.

So, poor old Orillia.
I feel for you Lady.

Kate, this is an oversight I am sure.
I have to believe this to be true- even though I have never, ever touched pot in any way shape of form.

Look, I was born right there at Soldiers Memorial Hospital in Orillia.
Ya, probably one of the reasons I turned out Gay.

Well, that and being run over on my tricycle when I was three years old- according to my Dad.
That's another story for another time.

You deserve better Miss Orillia and your potheads do as well.

This photo may or may not be a reasonable facsimile of a Pot Smoker.