Friday, November 17, 2017

ROBBLOG #674 W E E K E N D Edition

Haven't done a DIS 'N DAT since like here goes.

1. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here on the Island. The Big Christmas Craft Show is on at the Island Centre- home of the Big Hockey Stick.

2. The Big Hockey Stick ( 'ockey stick if you are from Quebec) adorns the Island Highway side of the
Island Centre. You can't miss it. It's pretty big but not that impressive. It's just a stick after all...Now the big "Puck"- that's something!

3. Are you as tired as I am hearing about men and women being sexually touched without their permission?

4. Is it dirty/bad thinking about Terry Crews in a little red speedo- if I keep it to myself?

5. When is the United Church just going to let Gretta Vosper get on with it. It's only the Holy Trinity she doesn't believe in after all, not the end of the world. She believes in love and good and treating people fairly. So, what is bad about that?

6. I have great disdain for old ladies who stand behind you in the 12 items or less checkout at the grocery store and count your items!! No, it didn't happen to me but my haircutter Sharleen.

7. What was Sharleen's total item count? A measly fourteen items and the cashier had called her over before the old lady got in line behind her. Sharleen even offered letting the old lady go first. Geesh!

8. Attention all "Old Ladies!!" Get a life or go to Bingo or something!

9. A man buys a photo for $10. Turns out it's a real picture of Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett. Mr. Garrett eventually shot the Outlaw Billy "real dead".

10. Someone buys a painting- supposedly painted by Leonardo da Vinci, for peanuts and sells it for 450 million dollars! JESUS CHRIST!!
That's the subject of the painting. Now, like the Mona Lisa, the subject knows a dirty little secret based on the little, smirk of a smile we see. Hey! Maybe it's Mona in a different wig or maybe the Mona Lisa is really Jesus in drag. Either way, 450 million is a lot of peanuts to pay for a pic.

11. From the "Only in America Department", someone is hosting an event called "Come Meet a Black Person". For 15 bucks and a couple of drink tickets, anyone who has never met or befriended a person of the "Black Persuasion" can do so at this event. Just ahead in the same series-
"Come meet a Gay".
"Come Meet a Serial Killer" and
"Come Meet and Touch Someone You Have Always Wanted To Touch".

12. A Prairie Nun- Sister Rosetta Reiniger, believes the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club have God- The Big Guy, on their side. That's right, the "Sister" believes that Jesus's Dad wears a Roughrider Jersey when slumming around the H of G. (House of God) Why not? This is a Nun from the same church that believes there's an open hotline between the Pope and the Big Guy up there in Heaven. No word on who Jesus, The Holy Spirit of the Virgin Mary favour.

So, that's DIS 'N DAT.
I feel like a weight has been lifted.