Wednesday, November 8, 2017


A midweek Blog to compliment your day.

Firstly, I want you to know that Tom and I also have funds "offshore". Like other famous and rich folks we have our cash offshore from the mainland on the Island. So far, the press has not discovered this and our names have been kept out of the news.


We have learned many things coming to The Island off Canada's "Wet" coast or "Left" coast.
Nobody told us before we arrived and since we didn't know anything about it in the first place, why would we do a Google search about owning a vehicle in BC? We had to buy a new van when we discovered our old Montana van couldn't pass muster. Muster is a BC out-of-province test for out-of-province vehicles that you can't study for.

Our 2003 Montana failed- even though we could have kept driving her in Ontario.
A cash grab?
Maybe- but the story here would be vehicles are tested to keep unsafe vehicle off the roads.
The car insurance here is provincially run by the government and seems to be a make-work project and doesn't protect locals from inflated rates or ridiculous plans. There is no choice- somewhat like in Russia only Canadian in flavour.

If you Easterners think it's so bad here-
Why dontcha just go back home to Ontario?
Now our RV-Priscilla, sitting on a lot at Arbutus RV located at the Nanaimo Airport, is waiting to be sold. However, she needs an out-of-province test as well. If she passes, we simply change plates to BC. If not we fix her in order to sell her.
Two points to note here.
We spent over $5000 back in Ontario replacing "stuff" AFTER Heidi's RV gave her a pass on the safety check. Something wrong there...

If she doesn't pass the O.O.P.C. we could drive her back to Ontario and sell her there hoping the safety check would still pass.
That will cost money or we pay for the O.O.P.C. here on the Island and if repairs are required, we pay for the work.
Apples and Oranges.
We are waiting for the O.O.P.C. to hear the results.

We've also been learning some local lingo.
For instance a "patio home" is one built on a concrete slab- no basement.
On the other hand, many basements here are not basements but are partially or totally above ground and sometimes are referred to as the "lower level".

A home we used to call a bungalow in Ontario is a "rancher" here.

When you go into a restaurant and order a toasted western, you may get a funny look. That's because "Westerns" are "Denvers" out here. A little American I'd say. I've also seen "cheque" spelled "check" in many places. Tsk. Tsk. WE are losing little bit of our identity allowing that to happen.

Maple Bay is 10 minutes from our front door.
Oh!....This past Sunday we walked to our new build from the apartment where we are currently residing until possession date. It was a nice half hour walk, partly along the Trans Canada Trail. We stood looking at our house from our soon to be front yard, when an old grey-haired lady- with a cigarette stuck between her lips, sauntered by us. She didn't say anything but kept one eye on us as she passed. Then she disappeared into a house under construction across the street.- outside walls but no windows and doors. She did re-appear, mumbled hello as she passed us and flew down the street on her broom. We have since been told she is nosey old complainer who likes to stir the pot.

I am not worried. I have my anti-witch spray in storage. It works on both women and men- warlocks in this case. How come every neighbourhood has one of these?

Talk to you next time...