Friday, November 24, 2017

ROBBLOG #676 W E E K E N D Edition

Where in the feck is Jesus H Christ when you need him?
And his Mother- Mary.
MARY, can you hear me? MARY, can you see me? Mary, can you feel me?
And God. Where is she at this time of the year? Aruba? Winnipeg?
Oh Jesus Christ no!! Not Winnipeg. It's -21c and that's balmy for Winterpeg.

Listen, I would even have the ear of Joseph H Christ- Jesus' Dad if he were an important enough, religious enough historical figure but Joe just isn't. Who goes down on his knees in front of Joey every night?
On second thought, don't answer that.
I think it could be perceived as very dirty- in a fellatio/tea-bagging sort of way.

Anyhoo, I am looking for a miracle and in all the wrong places so far.
You see, our Darling little Mini-Schnauzer Missy has been diagnosed with sarcoma cancer. A week ago we discovered a lump the size of a small pear on her groin near her right back leg. We have had initial tests done and the pathologist is looking at more blood work, X-Rays and such to see if the cancer is located entirely in this fatty lump or has spread. If it has- it's bad news. No operation.

As if this isn't enough, Doctor Kyle also heard a heart murmur. Then, he took an X-Ray and saw an enlarged heart too. That's a lot for a little girl who turned 13 yrs old just a week ago.

Our Missy
For us, it's sad.
We've been waiting for months to get into our new home here in the Cowichan on Vancouver Island.
Now, we are down to literally days before possession and we have Missy's health hanging over our heads and weighing heavy on our hearts. The support from friends has been terrific. In situations like this your friends circle around you. They send us positive vibes, chants and prayers to the universe.

Hey listen, if the God-Thing works- any port in a storm but I'm not signing my soul over to Jesus. Remember as kids we'd clasp our hands together, look skyward and say things like-
"Jesus if you give me a thick mat of hair on my chest..."
"Jesus if you let the Westcott Brothers brush up against me while sweaty and naked in the shower after Gym class- I'd be yours forever."
I mean we all prayed for those kind of things- right?
I mean...right?
The Westcott's who were built like a pair of brick shithouses because of all that hay they flung down on the farm.

I mean, I still believe the tale of the Christmas Story with the Three Kings and the Shepherds is sweet but not reality based.

Hennaway, my views on religiosity is not the purpose of this blog.

Our furry friends give us unconditional love and we return that love to them. It's just that in this situation we feel helpless and hopeless. We've been down this road countless times before and it's always too soon to say goodbye or even think about saying goodbye.

Another year, another week, another day is all we ask.
We hope to get positive news and the surgery can go ahead.
We hope- if that's the case, Missy's heart will be strong during the surgery.
We hope- at this most festive time of year, we can give our sweet little Missy the gift of time.

Time will tell....