Saturday, December 2, 2017

ROBBLOG #678 W E E K E N D Edition

My Goodness!

I am happier than a pig in poo right now!
Here on the Island the Holidays are in full swing.
Thursday night Tom and I met our friend" Ladysmith Brenda" in Ladysmith for the Festival of Lights and the light parade down Ladysmith's main street. Ladysmith is about 20 minutes "up island" from our house in Duncan.

The evening was mild and the lights were amazing. Up to 18,000 people crowd into this Island Town of 6,000 to see the downtown awash in coloured lights. Santa flips the switch at 630 and the parade begins! Jesus, Mary & Joesph- it's a lot of lights!!

The parade of lighted floats and vehicles lasted almost an hour and a half. Then, a huge tree with 15,000 LED lights was lit, followed by a 15 minute fireworks display which was one of the best I have ever seen. What a jolly evening! Worth the trip to the Island.
Some pictures below:




From Top: Rudolph Lights, Marching Cadets, Lighthouse Lit & Fireworks over Aggy Hall


After 9 month we have taken possession of our new home in Duncan BC. With shorts, 9c degrees and a big smile on our faces, Tom and I were presented with our key. WE started to move some things we had in our apartment- and Priscilla, into the house on Friday. Saturday sees all our worldly possessions arrive from Nanaimo where they have been in storage since the last week in August.
How Nice!!

A few lights to begin the 'Festive Mood" at Palm Villa
We are excited to say the least. Our home still has some exterior finishing touches like some painting and landscaping to be done but it feels like home. Our palm tree should be planted by Christmas.
Mele Kalikimaka.
Holy shite!

Here's a photo above of our interior fireplace in the Great Room. I'll post more at a later date.

So, I am going to be busy re-positioning furniture and hanging pictures over the next few days.
Pardon my absence folks.

I might even have Swisssh and Starlite back on air by Sunday night.
Baby steps first, Rob.
Baby steps....

Enjoy your weekend!