Monday, December 18, 2017


Here I sit before my keyboard wearing my "ugly" Christmas Sweater.
Tis the Season.

Atop my head is a jaunty, red Santa Hat and on the desk in front of me a large glass of Baileys poured over ice cubes. These cubes are not crushed ice cubes like back in "old home" but half-moon shaped blocks of ice from our new Whirlpool Refrigerator. We had asked for a crushed ice model but for some reason this machine that dispenses near blocks of ice was installed.
No, I haven't complained to the dealer. I am trying to get used to the larger sections of ice not only in my glass of Baileys but my martini glasses as well. wouldn't you think since we bought 6 appliances from this shop called Coastal Appliances that they'd follow up and ask how we like them?
Nothing yet.
The things one must endure during this season of good will and happiness, eh?

Christmas is a coming, the goose is getting fat.

All the extra eating and noshing ahead.
I am trying to tell myself that Speedo season is not too far off. Why snowdrops are appearing in some Island gardens already- and before Christmas no less. The mild Cowichan weather does allow one to be out more and to walk more. I gave my bike a run up and down the drive last Friday. I will go for a longer ride this week- if I can find the bicycle pump packed in one of the boxes out in the garage.

Speaking of garage, as of Saturday night we have begun to park the Grand Caravan inside the garage.
Still a few boxes at the wall meeting the front grill of the van when we pull it in but it fits and is inside out of the weather at least. Once we tidy the boxes we will be able to actually get inside the vehicle without venturing outside.
How nice.

Speaking of nice- not naughty, we strolled though a few local antique shops over the weekend. We didn't buy but we have our eyes set on two items. One a table and two chairs for our media room. Tom will be able to spread the income tax sheets out on its top during tax time. It usually takes him months to file taxes so we may not see the top of the table until mid-June. I thought a table would give us a nice, sturdy surface on which to have "TV Dinner" instead of the wooden TV Tables we have been using these past few years. It also would give me a surface to work on my scrapbooks and bring them up-to-date.
The second item is a small cabinet- painted white, for our Master Ensuite bath.
Hennaway, we'll see if we can get back to "Belongings" an Antique shop on Lois Lane (isn't that a cute street name) in Downtown Duncan this week and purchase the two pieces.

I also intend to get down to the shops this week to have a look around for a couple of prezzies for Tom. The Dear Boy must have something to open from under the tree.

I also hope to write my Christmas/Holiday Blog which I kind of re-jig to send out to friends and family. You know personalize it a bit. Many changes in this past year and not all of them happy memories, so I'll see where that writing takes me.

Aren't Christmas Windows the Best?
Before I go, I am sorry that you folks in "Old Home" back in Orillia, Ontario are having such a blast with winter- and I don't mean in a good way. A couple of feet of snow and temperatures that feel like the minus 20's.
How rude. How absolutely rude!!
I am trying not to comment on Island weather or send photo of flowers....well never mind.

I will say no more.
Suffice to say there's no sense in adding kerosene to an already blazing fire- is there?