Saturday, August 31, 2013


Another Day on Bleeker Street
Blanche: So how was your afternoon at the Mall Jane Dear?
Jane: ~puff, drag, puff~ Jezuz H Christo it was busy- but I got it.
Blanche: Got what Jane Dear?
Jane: The milk. We needed milk didn’t we Blanche?
Blanche: I know Jane, but didn’t you buy something nice for yourself?
Jane: Oh Sure! ~puff, puff~
Blanche: Good, ‘cause I know you’ve been a little down lately.
Jane: I took your advice Sister Dear and bought some new shoes.
Blanche: That’s nice!
Jane: Well the shoes may be but I had to set that freeking salesclerk right!
Blanche: Oh?
Jane: He had the nerve to tell me I had “Fat Feet”!! The Fuckin’ nerve!
Blanche: Fat Feet Dear? He told you, you had Fat Feet?
Jane: Yah, he said when I did up the straps on the shoes my feet looked fat.
Blanche: Well Jane Dear why didn’t you just buy a size larger?
Jane: …and let him get away with telling me my feet looked fat?
Blanche: Well...
Jane: ~puff, puff, puff~ No Way! I hoofed him right in the sausage!
Blanche: Oh Jane!
Jane: Sure did! ~drag, puff~…and guess what Blanche?
Blanche: I shudder to ask.
Jane: I got an apology from the manager and a 50% discount on the shoes!
Blanche: But Jane Dear-aren’t the shoes still too small?
Jane: Yah. ~puff, puff~ But it’s the point of the whole thing ain’t it?
Blanche…I guess.
Jane: I gotta go put this milk in the fridge Blanche. ~puff, puff~