Thursday, August 29, 2013


55 supping on Tuesday.
94 for dinner Wednesday night.
88 is last number I heard, for Thursday and the weekend is filling up.
As Sadie Flynn’s “Orson” would say- “A person can’t complain about that- can they?”
Yes, Norm Foster’s ‘Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak” is turning into a hit for the Garage Door Players and the Gravenhurst Opera House. We’ve had some large houses and I hear- “now don’t take this for Gospel Dear”- as Rachael tells Orson, they are some of the largest single house numbers for the entire summer season at the OP.
Good for us.
This year marks 10 years for the Garage Door Players and with Sadie Flynn running in both Orillia (at the Stubley Auditorium) back in May/June and now in Gravenhurst at the Opera House, it sure has been memorable.
Who knows where “the bus” will drop Sadie next?
Some folks who saw the Orillia show are even coming to Gravenhurst to see it again!
How nice!
Not to compare but just to enjoy Norm Foster’s humour once again.
We are delighted!
If you read this before Saturday August 31, there are still tickets available for all shows.
Don’t expect front row seats or maybe even the first 10 or 11 rows in the centre section but that still leaves lots to choose from on the sides.
The cast is doing an amazing job.
Our set is different from the Orillia Sadie Show and we’ve changed lighting and added some very funny and very special effects. That’s what a show can do in a “real” theatre.
Come for dinner in the Trillium Court- downstairs, before the show- if you can get a dinner reservation. David Friesen from “Riverwalk” in Bracebridge is the chef and he is doing an amazing catering job. Diners have been asking for his business card.
How nice!
So, if you can, come join in the fun of this terrific Norm Foster Comedy- Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak.
See you in Big Oak at “Millie’s Cabin!”