Monday, August 26, 2013


Hello Readers!
Hey this is Blog #500,
Boy, that’s a lot of words and thoughts and here are more…
An exciting week with Sadie- to be sure!
The Garage Door Players- who I am happy to say are celebrating 10 years of entertaining audiences this year, play Norm Foster’s “Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak” at the Gravenhurst Opera House.
We’re taking Sadie on the road.
Not too far. Just 20 minutes or so.
We are the final show in a Summer Season at the Gravenhurst Opera House. The season included Dragonfly Theatre Company’s “Blithe Spirit” as well as Dave Campbell and Tim Webb’s productions of “Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks” and “The 39 Steps”.
Know what many people are asking us?
Why are you taking a local company and heading’ north?
The Orillia Opera House only hires Equity Actors- for summer theatre.
That doesn’t mean the actors in other summer shows are any better at their craft than the actors in Sadie Flynn- a non-equity production, it simply means they are members of a union- Actor’s Equity. That seems to be a stipulation to be a part of summer theatre at many venues- except at the Gravenhurst Opera House. Well, at least for this current season.
Funny, a week ago Tom and I headed to see a show at a theatre not-too-far from Orillia. A summer show and yes, it was Equity. Now, I am not “Equity” expert- neither is Tom, however, we both thought the show sucked. Yes, there were some good actors. Very good actors, it’s just that there were many not-so-good actors and together the show failed- in my humble opinion.
So, it doesn’t always follow that an “Equity” show gives you a great show. Same can be said about any show from any company. Yes, I consider my actors professional (non-equity). They are paid for what they do and yes, they can also perform poorly.
If I allow them too.
As a director one has to be sure of the cast that is assembled. This Sadie Flynn has not been immune from problems. The initial three actors playing the female parts in the Orillia “Sadie” back in May/June could not continue to Gravenhurst. So I re-cast the parts.
Then I had to look for a new “props” person. Then a few scant weeks ago I replaced the lead character.
I had my reasons.
This rehearsal period was short for the Gravenhurst Show.
Seven rehearsals and an “Italian” red-thru up to tech day (that’s when we move into the venue and set up props and lighting) followed by a dress rehearsal and then the run.
Fast eh?
I am confident in the case of this Gravenhurst Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak that my actors will NOT perform poorly. These actors are all top-notch and have been in theatre for many, many years.
So, this comedy from Norm Foster runs until Saturday August 31.
Come and laugh with us.
It’ll take your mind off your problems.
Tickets and information at
Come just for the show or have dinner in the Trillium Court downstairs (provided by David Friesen of Riverwalk in Bracebridge) and then casually stroll upstairs to your reserved seats.
How nice is that?
Hope to see you there