Sunday, August 4, 2013


Our Darling Kiki passed Saturday afternoon August 3rd at 2:30.
Her health had not been good this past week and at 6am Saturday she
had a terrible stroke that affected her walking and standing.
It was time for her to cross the bridge...
Dr. Choles, who has been caring for Kiki these past 9 years came right to the house.
It was very peaceful and loving.
Many tears and many, many memories.
She gave us 17 years!
We couldn’t have asked for anything more from Kiki- except more time but
that option had run out.
Kiki had a  beautiful life indeed.
All our pet family members whose lives we have shared over the years have been
very special to us.
Very, very special.
Each in their own unique way.
Kiki was special with a capital “S”.
It all began one August morning 17 years ago, We went to the Farmer’s Market to buy tomatoes
and came home with tomatoes- and Kiki.
We fell in love on the spot!
Now, Kiki just passed her 17th year with her birthday on July 25.
When the time comes to say goodbye for now, it doesn’t matter how much you hug and kiss
and whisper sweet nothings, the reality is here today...
Our beautiful Kiki- we named her after the colour of the sand in Waikiki, is gone, however,
her spirit is still here- warm and loving as it has always been and her puppy hair!
Kiki’s infamous hair is still tucked here and there- from one end of the house to the other and we’re
sure we’ll be finding it for months. Little Kiki-hair “dust bunnies” are under and around the legs of
the dining room table. They were there this morning, clearly visible as the August sunshine flowed through the
dining room window.
It’ll be a change for us- all of us.
Kiki will not be watching you walk by the house anymore or welcoming you at the back gate expecting
a treat the moment you step into the house.
We’re glad she got to see her new street and sidewalk come to completion. She even had a
chance to stroll and sniff along the new pavement a few days ago.
We’ll miss her beautiful face.
She’ll not be tagging along with us on walks.
Her familiar bark at the back door when she needed to get in will no longer be heard.
We’ll miss her impatient tone when we kept her waiting.
There’ll be no more van rides- which she loved.
We are so thankful we were able to take Kiki to “the Lily Farm”- in Orono last Sunday where
she and Missy could run free for a few hours. It had become a yearly event.
Last week, when she knew the van was being readied for a ride, she placed herself at the garage door
waiting for us to load her in- just in case we forgot her.
How could we?
What a sweetheart our Kiki was to us!
So, Dear Friends, it’s the end of an era at Pine Tree House.
Things will be different now that the “Blond One” our “Kikmeister” our
“Kikidoodle” has passed on.
Today, we imagine her playing in a field of green with her brothers and sisters- Luma, Samantha- both I and II, Lucky and Max.
As time passes we’ll heal and find our way but for now one thing is certain- we’ll never ever, ever find another Kiki.
Rest for now our Darling Kiki and we’ll see you again... soon.