Friday, August 16, 2013


Dame Clare has taken pencil to paper once again and sends along this charming piece for all my readers to enjoy.

Well My Dears, that nice Mr. Reid is once again allowing me to bring you up-to-date with all the gossip and happenings around the Palais Royale.
Your Damness couldn’t be more pleased!

It’s been a busy summer here on the outskirts of town. Some travel, some gay parties, new friends, old friends and the excitement of things to come.
That Darling Roger- my Head Poolboy, along with his hubbie Xavier, keep things hopping. There’s always a party when a “fay” is around. That’s why I love them both to biddy-bits. For instance, next week, there’s a “Pink Pool Party”. My Dears the boys are working on turning the pool into a huge pink ocean. Lots of friends have been invited- along with their chequebooks and cash. They hope to raise some much needed money all in the cause of Breast Cancer. My Dear friend Hedda Lettuce has had that scare and believe me it trips you up and you fall flatly on your boney ass. In Hedda’s case the news is positive and she’s been Cancer free for several years.

What luck!

The Guys also plan a shindig around prostate cancer too. Heaven only knows what exciting things they have planned for that extravaganza! As I said, I worship the Speedos my boys wear and let me tell you in the summertime at the Palais- that’s pretty much the entire wardrobe.

Oh My Dears it makes me all tingly when I think of it.
I am so blessed- and Roger and Xavier are too! (Tee Hee)
I mean that.
I really do.

Hedda, along with her best friend and personal Secretariat- Sofonda Cox, along with yours truly plan to make our annual pilgrimage around the province. Yes, the old RV will be topped up, spiffed up and stocked up for our yearly tour. We hope to spend an afternoon with that sprightly, denim-shorts clad of a farmboy Randy too. We discovered Randy and his talents on a trip we took a few summers ago. We keep in touch and Rand- as I affectionately call him usually makes it down to the Palais once or twice a year as well- when he’s not fawning over a cow or a piglet!
Rand always whips up a big corn roast and Bar-B-Que and invites some locals along. We laugh and eat and laugh some more until our sides ache. Randy usually gets up and does a hoochee-koochee dance around the fire- to wild applause, wearing nothing more than an oak leaf and the birthday suit he was born into. Albeit, after a few beers and much encouragement from some of the other swarthy farm lads who eventually join in the frivolities.
My, to see the colour of the flames dance off his tawny, tanned buttocks brings tears to this gal’s eyes.

I mean that my Dears.
I really do! 

It takes a day and a half to get Sofonda settled down. She’s not so used to seeing “lug-nuts” such as Randy’s openly displayed by the light of the fire- or the Silv’ry Moon. Why she giggles the night away in the RV and Hedda and I get little rest. Never mind Dears, it is all part of the fun of a road trip- isn’t it now? 

As a matter of fact Daisy my downstairs maid- I don’t know what I’d do without the sweet young thing, has just come into the West Parlour to tell me Hedda and Sofonda are waiting for me out near the pool. This afternoon we’re planning the route for this year’s RV excursion.

What fun!
I mean that My Dears!
I really, really do. 

Enjoy your days and… 

Tah for now!