Friday, March 29, 2013


Some of my Favourite Things
I’m making a point in this blog and keeping it to the point-
Point Form. Here’s a list of some of my favourite things. Not in any particular order.
- the icemaker on my Sears Kenmore. Crushed or cubes. Great for Martinis!
- going somewhere where there are Palm Trees, a beach and an ocean
 - my Montana Van. Almost a decade old. She’s still in great shape and she handles like a new  
- sunshine
- assholes who get their come-uppance
- rights for Transsexuals in Canada
- Olivia Chow
- Humanists
- Men
- 3 girls who came from the Brewster Projects in Detroit
- milk chocolate
- my online radio stations
- pumpkin pie
- acting
- riding my bicycle
- “boy” watching
- My Dogs- Kiki and Missy and Cats- Dickens and Doyle
- concerts
-“live” shows- Broadway or otherwise
- My wonderful husband with who I share 28 years on April 4th. The last 6 legally married.