Monday, March 18, 2013


Back…on Bleeker Street
Jane: ~puff, puff~ Christ Blanche! Ain’t it good to be back home? No more piss on the street! Paris. The City of Light and Pee! Pee-You! ~puff~
Blanche: Language Jane and so early in the morning and when did you see urine on the street in Gay Paree?
Jane: Maybe I didn’t see it Sistah Dear but I sure as hell smelled it!
Blanche: Well I should think you’d have a better memory of Paris than that.
Jane: Sure the red wine was real good and those waiter boys snobby but pretty. ~puff~
Blanche: Well that’s something I suppose. I loved that little dress shoppe. What was it called?
Jane: ~puff, drag, puff~ La Fuckin’ Expensive? That one?
Blanche: ~laughs~ Oh Jane Dear stop it. It had a lovely name Bon Mots or something.
Jane: ~drag~ You know Blanche, next time we go to Europe, France we should hit Amsterdam.
Blanche: Whatever for?
Jane: The canals and those gondolas. Oh and the hairy men paddling them.
Blanche: Jane Dear. You’re thinking of Venice?
Jane: I am? Huh. What about going to Rome then and watch a bullfight? ~drag, puff~
Blanche: Oh hah, hah! Jane love, you’re thinking of Spain. Rome has the Coliseum.
Jane: It does? Shit! I am confused now…
Blanche: Here Jane Dear, read these.
Jane: ~puff, puff~ Whatzat?
Blanche: A book on geography and an atlas!