Friday, March 8, 2013


There's a website for Radio Types called "Milkman Unlimited". I dunno why.
Right now, there's a story on the site about one of our "local" FM stations here in Orillia. They
have won an award from The Chamber of Commerce. Now to be fair, neither Swisssh Radio nor Starlite Radio is a chamber member. Just can't afford the fees at a non-profit operation like this one. However, the article makes some interesting points. I will make some counterpoints.
It says in part:
"...thank News Director Jim Birchard for the excellent work in preparing and producing our daily audio magazine “Twin Lakes Today” which spotlights information and topics of concern to the people of the Orillia area. The region’s only local talk show..."
Ummmm. Not true. The Morning Show at Night on Swisssh Radio is "local" and "Live"(Thursdays 7PM, Friday 9PM, Saturday 7AM (ET) with Heather Thompson and I and honestly I have never heard of Jim- sorry Jim, if he's such a part of this community. Maybe Jim's never heard of me- or Swisssh, either. Oh, a second show produced weekly in the Swisssh Studios is "In Our Cups Again" with "local" Husband and wife team- Sue and Jeff. Sundays at 11AM and Tuesdays at 8PM (ET).
Of course Milkman will not print any story about Swisssh Radio. I know this because a year ago I tried to post a story- with pictures, all about Swisssh Radio’s 5th Anniversary. I was politely told Swisssh Radio is not "real" radio and Milkman only prints stories about "real" radio. Well, I guess I was told, eh?
I suppose all those “local” artists and Independent artists that Sunshine doesn’t play- except maybe on their Mariposa Folk Show, should know that Swisssh Radio and Starlite are not real. The next time I get a personal thank you from one of these artists that my stations play, I’ll have to tell them the truth- that we’re not real. I mean, it’s the fair, correct thing to do. It seems Milkman does, however, print stories about Podcasts like Humble and Fred- which I suppose is more real than Online Radio. I guess...
The story goes on:
"...our Community Cruiser reporter Sarah Hewitt has been stellar in live reporting at dozens of local happenings and community events."
Never seen Sarah out and about reporting. I do see a bunch of young folk manning their location tent at events, laughing amongst themselves and generally ignoring to the listening public walking by. Don't remember ever hearing the station playing at one of these events either.
Finally, the online article says:
"Bayshore Broadcasting continues to be committed to producing great local radio."
Does that include their midday show being voice tracked out of Collingwood or how they share staffing duties with other Bayshore stations?
This My Dears is the real state of terrestrial radio. Big companies who don’t really give a tiddly-wink for listeners. Cranking out the same music from the same music lists as every other station and peppering the day with voice tracked breaks.
Now at Swisssh Radio I don’t have “live” announcers either. I have no budget.
No, I mean no budget!
So yes, you will hear some pre-recorded “breaks” on Swisssh Radio- promos for the station really. Starlite on the other hand, has been programmed from the start with no breaks. Just Station ID’s. It’s a music station after all.
Anyway, all green-eyed envy aside, congrats Sunshine Radio and continued "local" success from a local, non-real radio station- Swisssh and her sister Starlite.

POSTSCRIPT: Swisssh Radio did win a Chamber of Commerce Award! It was the best "Small Business" Category in the Orillia Santa Claus Parade five years ago. I still have the trophy. Yeah for Swisssh!