Friday, May 25, 2012


Glorious Summer!

The bees are buzzing.
Grass is growing.
Plants are blooming.
According to Environment Canada it’s going to be hotter than usual.
We’ll see.

Looking ahead at some of the temperatures into the first week of June, I wouldn’t exactly say they were “hot”. 17’s, 21’s 22’s.
Pleasant summer days but not too hot.
Of course, July can be a bugger. Days upon days of 30+ degrees and humidity making it seem like 40 something.

We have no traveling plans for this summer. A few short day trips here and there.
Off to Orono for our visit to our friend’s Daylily Farm in June. That’s always a treat on a warm June day. There’s plenty of space and beautiful Daylilies all about to bloom.

Then, come July, we’re off to the city for Pride on July 1st. Yes, I know, it’s Canada Day but it just happens the two fall on the same day. It’ll be crazy nuts as usual but always a fun day of eating, drinking and standing for hours on end in the heat of Downtown Toronto as the Pride Parade jives along to the beat. Men stripped to the waist and more, water guns in hand and the never-ending thumping beat from the floats that pass before us on Yonge Street. We usually stand around Wellesley Street. Last year we were a bit farther north, a couple of blocks south of Bloor and Yonge.

Somewhere in that hot calendar month, I would like to see New York City for a couple of days in the heat of the summer. Yes, it will be hot but I have only ever been to New York on cooler days well away from the heat of summer. It would be nice to walk through Central Park on warm day clad in shorts and a tee shirt rather than a scarf and earmuffs. I am sure the park will be teaming with “boys” jogging and running and throwing Frisbees and stuff- all shirtless and in the tightest of summer apparel.

A trip to Port Perry for lunch and a bit of shopping always bodes well. Not that I need to buy anything but you never know what one might find that one really needs. I must admit I am buying less- or trying to these days. Although right now I have two prints I bought in Paris- one of Montmartre and the other of Notre Dame. I can’t find wall space to hang them so something has to go!

A neighbour asked us this past week if we would be interested in a street garage sale.
We said sure!
Boy do we have the junk!
Excess stuff.
Some I have had packed in plastic bins for more than a year now.
Purging is the way of the future.
I think we’ll try to sell a few things and offer the rest to Goodwill or Value Village.
I feel the need to get rid of “stuff” because no one’s going to want it when I have no further need of it.

It is a pain to drag it all onto the lawn and then having leftovers to cart away. I hate the dickering over 10 cents for an item you know you full-well paid a buck for!
It’s all a part of a Canadian Summer though- isn’t it?

Enjoy it, for our summer turns to…you know, in the blink of an eye!