Monday, May 7, 2012


I have had quite the past few weeks.

I have not been well- among other things.
I am still not 100% but I am trying.

A week and a half ago I even had to spend an evening in the Emergency Department at Soldiers’ arriving by ambulance.
Thanks to my friend Heather- and radio co-host for making the decision to call the ambulance and get me taken care of. Everyone at Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital was simply wonderful.
Attentive, sympathetic and re-assuring.

A few days later, I sent them a note via e-mail, telling the hospital how I felt about my experience. That same day, I received an e-mail in return saying “we usually don’t receive many e-mails such as this.”
I was told the emergency department would see my e-mail.
It’s a pity more patients don’t say thank you.

I had been sick the week before and spent two days in bed. I was dizzy, nauseous and generally not feeling well. I managed to rally and was totally surprized when this “thing” caught me totally off-guard one evening.
It was worse than the week before.
It may be my inner ear.
I don’t know.

Many friends tell me they know someone who has suffered or has been suffering the same symptoms for up to 5 weeks!
Holy Smokes!

Doctor Daniels at emergency never suggest flu, he simply treated my dizziness.
I was on a couple of saline drips with Gravol and another drug Serc-which is new to me.
After a few hours I was able to stand and walk.
I started feeling better again the next day but the dizziness is still there- especially when I first get up in the morning
I have to be careful.

So what is it?
Well, I give this miserable feeling one more week to go away or I’ll have to have some tests done. Meniere’s disease is a possibility but I have never been diagnosed with that specifically. My heart is fine and my blood sugar good too.
Things could be worse, so I am staying positive.
This may all vanish in the next few days.
I certainly hope so kids.

In the meantime my yearly chore of painting the verandah has been accomplished- even though I am not feeling 100%. I have my “drugs” with me and I take them when required.

Life goes on…