Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I must be an idiot!

Don’t concur.
Let me explain- or vent.
If you don’t want to read my vent, just click this RobBlog off and go read your horoscope.

I am about to vent about me- and my internet radio stations.
Let me repeat.
I must be an idiot.
I had Swisssh Radio already. It usually chugs merrily along with just a few technical problems here and there. Since updating the programmer that runs the station 24/7, it
has reduced technical problems 99%.

Then there’s Starlite.

I must be an idiot!
I know I’ve stated that fact already.
Starlite can be a little bitch when she wants to be!
I have techy problems with music at times.
The programme that operates the station stops running telling me it can’t find any more songs.
Ridiculous, since there are more than 1000 to choose from.

In the Swisssh Radio Studios in which Starlite shares a small space, there is limited room for equipment. There must be 1000 metres of cable all sprawled on the floor or hanging from the backside of computers.
There are four of them- computers, I mean.
Several keyboards.
An array of mice (Mouse plural??) and a plethora of headsets.
Like I said, space is at a premium.

That’s why on Monday I hooked up this simple system that allows one keyboard and one monitor to operate for two computers.
Therein is the problem.
Today the mouse for the Starlite programme stopped working overnight.
Beats me!
It was fine yesterday.
It causes much grief and stress.
I don’t know what to do. In order to attempt to fix my dilemma, I need to re-boot the Starlite computer throwing Starlite off the air and annoying listeners for about 10 minutes.
I need to find some more space and return to having the computer hooked to its own monitor. The problem is finding space for the keyboard!
I am having a think and I thought maybe writing this down in my blog, I might come to a solution. At the very least some of my stress has been passed along into the great world of “out there somewhere.” That’s where all internet e-mails, blogs and texts end up- eventually.

I repeat.
I am an idiot.
I have enough on my plate already, now I have doubled my pleasure.
Never mind.
Things have a habit of working themselves out.

Stay tuned!