Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I just love “witty” repartee!

Someone on Twitter asked PMO Spokesperson- Andrew MacDougall-
“How does it feel to work for the biggest Asshole in Canada?”

Now, MacDougall has just been appointed Mr. Harper’s Director of Communications last month because the other fella threw in the towel. It was either that or going back to be gagged with the damn thing.
He chose “freedom”!

So what did this new guy Andrew MacDougall say?
Well…hee hee…haw haw…OMG this is priceless…
MacDougal counters the “How does it feel to work for the biggest asshole in Canada question” with a similar smart-ass reply.
He said:
“I wouldn’t know. I don’t work for you!”


Haw. Haw.
Classic stuff!

Of course we shouldn’t be surprized. We all know that Mrs. Harper shares a bed with a clown, so humour-filled, over the top comments like this are all sheep shit from the barnyard to most Canadians.
Funny though...
One has to give him that much.

Maybe not exactly the way a PM’s spokesperson should answer a fellow Canadian.
I mean both he and Harper really do work for each and every one of us.
That’s where their salaries and retirement funds come from-
Our pockets.
Always have.
No surprize there.

From Liberals who shaped our country. Gave us our flag.
Allowed us all “Equal rights”.
Gays and Lesbians- Equal marriage.
Yes, from bringing constitution home in Liz’s handbag, all the way to Conservatives who ummm…gave us ….ummmm…took away the penny, we have paid for all of them- even chunky former CTV reporters who now sit in the Senate collecting massive sums and
who will eventually retire on some pretty nice funds all from us as well.
Gosh darn it!
We are nice- aren’t we?

Now the Proud Canadian who fielded the question on Twitter in the first place hasn’t said a smart-ass thing back to MacDougall yet!
Probably just considering his next move.
He has to be careful this time.
All Canada is watching.
It has to be a biggy!
Carefully constructed so as not to fall into the same trap he did the first time.
There can be no zingers that the intended prey can use to his advantage and slap him right back in the kisser!
No the Twitter guy is just taking his time and looking at some possibilities from every angle.
There can be no loopholes this time.

What if he types this to Mr. MacDougall:
“Hey is your refrigerator running?”

MacDougall answers back: “Yes!”

Twitter replies sharply: “Well, ya better go catch it then!”
He could get him good with that iron-clad piece of buffoonery.

However, it’s just not up to you and I, I’m afraid.
This top level political stuff is way out of our league.

We’ll just have to sit still and wait this one out- unless you’re out there chasing down a runaway fridge!