Monday, May 28, 2012


This is it!

It’s about time the Ontario Government pulls funding for Catholic Schools- or the separate board, as it is known. Public boards have accepted the term “Gay Straight Alliance” but not the Catholics.

Gosh no. Think about what the Pope would do. He would say no.
He would be firm.
Suffer the little Children…
You know, like after Mass when it’s the Altar Boys and the Priests changing “backstage”.
Soft whispers: Now don’t tell your parents.
Jesus wouldn’t love you anymore.
Say- I might have some candy in my pocket.
Rock hard stick candy.
How about you reach deep down in Father Betwixt and Between’s pocket and see what he has for you.
Heh. Heh. Heh.
But there’s nothing Gay or dirty going on.

Christ….Jesus wouldn’t like the term Gay Straight either. He probably flew on down from his Heavenly Throne and whispered something encouraging into the Pope’s ear.

Jesus! God might get irate.
The last time God got irate he turned a blind eye to all the suffering here on earth.
That’s a long time- since the beginning of it all in the Garden of Eden. If you believe.

Now following that good Catholic example, let’s hide it under the skirt of every Priest and Cardinal who has diddled with young boys or smacked a First Nations’ Kid around. This is definitely the pot calling the kettle black. The kettle with enough golf trim it could feed the poor for years!

Catholics who have children in school should be ashamed of how Gay Straight Alliances are being shoved under the altar rug. Don’t say Gay and it will go away.
It hasn’t for centuries so why would it- or should it, now?
How high and mighty the Catholic Church thinks itself to be.
You know the Catholics believe they are the only “true” religion.
Look it up.
Even Protestants reciting the Apostle’s Creed give all their love as well as recognizing the power and the glory of the Holy Catholic Church.

How awe-inspiring and fear-inspiring is the Pope.
It’s all fear.
It’s all about death, not day-to-day living.
It’s the great preparation for that day when each and every Catholic- lower Christian denominations not so much, meet with God and sit upon his right side.

What about right now?
What about living day to day?
What about stepping on and squashing bullying and hate right now.
If the Catholic Church is so high and mighty, take that first sandal clad step forward and show some mercy.
Human kindness.
Did I mention L O V E ?

I promised myself I would not write more “religious” based blogs from the perspective of an Atheist but damn it pull the funding now.
Let them eat Cake and raise their own dough.

Don’t make allowances.
Individually, show the whole world compassion and feed your flock with love. That’s if you have religion or faith- or a flock.

Do you know how much easier it is to get up each morning and to not have to answer to a Supreme Being who demands respect, love, devotion and pain. To not have to believe in something that eats at your gut, demands your devotion, plays with your sense of well-being and takes your money for the good of all mankind?


How easy to get up and love those around you- those who you can and allow you to.
How easy to help a neighbour.
Sit with a sick friend.
Volunteer for a charity.
Smile through life and take the next step to our next phase- gracefully and with dignity and assurance that it is nothing like Church, religion and the Catholics would have you believe.