Sunday, May 20, 2012


I’m Alive!

I’m Alive!
Thank Gawd I am mighty good- and Alive!

A weight has been lifted from my shoulders!
I start anew.
I march forward into a new dawn.
I climb the tree of the future.
I trudge the road of “what’s ahead”.

Yes indeedy-doo. I saw Mick Jagger on Saturday Night Live sing, dance and prance his way through 90 minutes of “live” television…
And at his age…

Old Mick- born in 1943 has a few years on me and just look what he’s doing these days- 19th Nervous Breakdown! Plus comedy sketches and singing with Arcade Fire!
You go girl!

Yes, it brought back a few musical memories but most of all, I found it remarkable what he is still doing after more than 50 years in rock and roll!
He has put the spunk back in my spunkidac.
He’s put spritz back into my genecktanoid.
He’s put hootzpah back on stage where it belongs.

Good old Mick.
He made me want to pull up my saggy underwear, stick a rose in my lapel and buy a pair of Birkenstocks.

How about a new pair of flip flops and a Hawaiian Shirt.
Yes, more my style.

I am going to start anew.
I am not going to sit back and let the rest of the world pass me by.
I am going to grab my rubber ring, put more Miss Clairol on my head and tap dance my way towards a renewal.
For as the saying goes-
“Ya gotta get behind the soda fountain and dance your way to the stars!”

It feels like New Years and yet it’s the dead of summer.
Go figure.

Thank You Mick.
You’re still doing it and getting great “Satisfaction”
So look out world.
Get Off of my Cloud.

I got me some milk to shake!