Monday, April 2, 2012


Those lovable Sisters Baby Jane and Blanche are at it once again down Bleeker Street Way. A lovely sign of spring is the focal point of today's story. Enjoy readers!
Jane: For *#+*#s sake Blanche, look at that pooch peeing on my tulips! ~puff, puff~
Blanche: Isn’t he cute? Whose puppy do you suppose it is Jane Dear?
Jane: Why the crap should I care? ~puff~ Damn filthy beast!
She exits
Blanche: Where are you going Jane Dear?
Jane: I’m going to get my shit-kicking boots on!
Blanche: Whatever for Sister?
Jane: I’m going to kick some sense into the owner of that filthy canine.
Blanche: I thought you didn’t know who owned the dog?
Jane: All I said was- why the crap should I care? ~puff, puff~
Blanche: Then who owns the sweet thing?
Jane: I’ll tell you who Blanche! Reverend Purgatory. That’s who.
Blanche: laughs- Jane. Dear. You mean Reverend Perry! Don’t you?
Jane: ~puff, puff~ Does it matter?
Blanche: I think it does Jane. Love one another- remember?
Jane: Once I shove these boots up his righteous butt, he’ll remember all right.
Blanche: Maybe you should just turn the other cheek Jane Dear.
Jane: Sister. If I turn the other cheek, I’ll fart right in his face.
Blanche: Oh Sister. You make me laugh sometimes! Tee Hee
Now put those boots away and sit down. You’re tea’s turning cold!
Jane: Oh Fudge! ~puff, drag, puff~. You’d take the word “fun” out of funeral!