Saturday, April 14, 2012


The time has come. 

The end of the world is nigh.
North Korea is threatening the world.
Alberta is tired of Conservative Rule.
Cher may perform another Farewell Tour. 

Seriously folks, in North Korea, leader- that weird-looking, be-speckled example of all things communistic, has the palm of his hand just a few inches from the panic button.
In the Middle East, Israel is pissed off with Syria- or is it Iran?
A skirmish may ensue.
Who makes the guns and bombs?
America- probably. 

So much unrest and non-peace in this world and yet, Peace is so easy to come by.
Get up in the morning.
Have a coffee.
Listen to the birds.
Read a paper.
Bury the guns.
Give all the right-leaning Conservative-Religious types their own country- preferably an island in the middle of the ocean and the rest of us would be fine.
Just fine. 

On the positive side, it appears to be business as usual over at Wally-world. Wal*Mart has over 330 stores in Africa!
Yes indeedy do!
I didn’t know that either.
Most are in South Africa but also in Namibia and Nigeria. Yes for the local tribesmen, the local Wal*Mart is the place to shop. Just look around the store. Standing at the entrance, on your left you’ll find shoes.Then, electronics- featuring iPads, movies and more and seasonal items like firewood and rope.Continuing in a clock-wise direction, Eyewear is next, then spears, fabrics and
Lastly a section featuring cards and gifty items- like handguns, finally to completer the 360 degree tour, a McDonalds to the right of the entrance.
I am only thinking out loud here but why not?

I don’t know how safe it is to travel to Namibia or Nigeria but I would expect to survive
In the world of business, you have to give the folks what they want. On the Foreign Affairs Canada Website it advises against non-essential travel to Nigeria. There is a risk of terrorism, crime, communal clashes, armed attacks, banditry and kidnapping.
Hmmm…It sounds just like a normal Tuesday afternoon at the Wal*Mart Supercentre- without the terrorism and armed attacks of course. 

As for Namibia, on the Foreign Affairs website, it says that Canadians should exercise a high degree of caution in the area because of the risk of banditry. A final warning on the site suggests one should only cross into Angola through official border crossing areas.
Good advice. 

It goes to show you that shopping at the Walmart Supercentre in Orillia is relatively easy
and a bit safer compared to Namibia or Nigeria. Of course, in Orillia one has to watch for the “terror” of lone shopping carts rushing across the parking lot aided by a vigorous north wind. If shoppers would only walk ten feet to the cart return station, we could all rest easy and feel much safer when we step from our vehicles. However, living in this world of nuclear threats and banditry we must be aware that shopping at Wal*Mart is not without its dangers. 

In the meantime, have a month’s supply of canned food in your basement.
Hug a dog.
Pat a puddy.
Marvel at a flower.
Watch a happy movie.
Cancel your travel plans to Nigeria.

So, stop and smell the coffee- especially if you’ve just checked out at Wal*Mart and McDonalds is right in front of you!