Thursday, April 5, 2012


Tom and I celebrated Wednesday. 

It wasn’t a big celebration. It was small.
We didn’t say anything to anybody.
We got a couple of cards.
An e-mail or two- but that was it. 

So what was the big event?
We celebrated 27 years as husband and husband. Officially, we signed the papers and had a big Black and White wedding six years ago. We met on April 4, 1985 on a flight to Hawaii.
The rest is 27 years of love, respect and living a good life.
Who can ask for more? 

Ah, the memories though..
I remember my mother saying as I tried to convince her to come to the Black & White Affair- “Why do you always have to make a big deal out of everything?”
Dunno Mum.
It’s important to me, I guess. 

Reminds me of a similar question a “friend” of ours asked me a few months ago- “Why does everything have to be “Gay” with you? Why can’t you just be normal?”
Well Dear, for one thing I am a Gay Man.
For another, I have been a Gay Man living in a straight world for 60 years now, so cut me some slack!
That friendship is estranged. 

So yes, we did lunch with a friend.
Then, dinner later before the show.
We saw War Horse.
We were right at the front of the theatre, with the show on the Princess of Wales’ stage playing right in our lap.
It was terrific.
It was amazing.
Great “puppets”. The horses on stage aren’t real.
You didn’t know that?
They move like they’re real. They seemed to have feelings like a real horse yet they were mastered by three puppeteers.
It was amazing to watch.

It is an emotional show but it does have a happy ending- well, as happy an ending that a theatrical experience about WWI can have.
Yes, there are tragedies but great hope too!
I hoped it wouldn’t have a happy ending and I had been careful not to read or listen to anything about the show- although I did know about the puppets and a thread of the story which takes place mostly during the first World War on the battlefields of France.
On stage, I hear you say?
WWI on stage.

27 years! Gosh. That’s a good chunk of life- isn’t it?
Doesn’t seem that long. 

So, another long weekend. When the Easter Bunny arrives and gives chocolate eggs and new spring outfits to good girls and boys. Sure beats celebrating a gruesome act of torture that the Romans have been famous for. I’m talking about nailing people up. If you believe all that stuff then you have to pause and wonder why the “big” guy murdered his only son if he had the power to stop it.
Nothing like making your puppet pay the ultimate sacrifice. Of course sonny-boy didn’t want to go through with it and even asked his dad- Why me? It’s your future plan- not mine. I sense he wanted to stay with the boys and tramp around Judea. 

Have a great and Happy Easter weekend.
Let’s hope the weather co-operates.
Just think of all the extra exercise you’ll have to do next week to get rid of all the fat and calories from eating all that chocolate! 

Like I said- Happy Easter!