Thursday, June 16, 2011

ROBBLOG Xtra # 279

Two Blogs in one day?
Nope. Those Hockey Preople have me riled up. Read on.
NOTE: There is foul language afoot so be warned.

This is sport?

As if hockey isn’t violent enough on the ice with cuts, bruises, brain concussions-even death, now the fans take it to the streets like a bunch of spoiled little brats.
Burning and looting Vancouver just because they lost a hockey game?
Boo Hoo. Cry. Sob.
Enough is enough.

Millions of dollars poured into this blight called sport- nationally, internationally and locally too.
Locally you say? Sure. When the City of Orillia spends a million dollars to update the Community Centre Arena for a few months of ice time and then the building sits deserted, there is something wrong. The Arts- specifically the Orillia Opera House, sits neglected for the most part.
No money there but just let a few hockey teams and hetero assholes whine about sport and boy there’s a facility built within the blink of an eye. Please dis-regard anything to do with the MURF.

What is hockey teaching the young?

Remember the days when Hockey was just
oogling Bobby Hull's naked Torso?
You didn't oogle? It was just me... Oh well.
 Besides name calling- the homophobic taunts. Fighting with others. Disrespect for friends and family… not much.
I see and hear it in the young people that walk past my house every day to high school.
They may not be hockey players but they are the youth of tomorrow and burning and looting is in television and movies. That’s what they see. Like insatiable Vampires sucking the blood from every living thing, people see this violence and drink it in. So, I am not surprised at the aftermath of a hockey match turning into a brawl. Now, worldwide, Vancouver- our beautiful Western City, will be known for terrible violence that we usually see on the news in Israel, Syria, Afghanistan and the like. There’s great disrespect for not only themselves- the boys I mean- but the young ladies in their company.
It’s disgusting.

Who the fuck cares about Hockey? Really.
Sure, the fans. That’s a given.
It’s the major sponsors that pour tens of millions into this thing they think is sport.
The fighting. The gangsterism is all part of it and we are supposed to support it?
Many people do.
They are call sports fans.

Oh I am sure you’ll hear and read- Well it was just a select few who did the damage.
That’s always the answer- isn’t it?
A select few.
Not the majority.
Hockey caused this.
Hockey is to blame for the riots and looting.
Like Soccer fans in Europe.
It’s all too ugly.

Hockey promotes foul language.
(Ed: Yes, He can curse with the best of them only He didn’t learn it from Hockey) Taunting cries of - “Fag” or “you play like a girl”.)
It’s been in the news over the years.
I have heard it.
You’ve seen it.
You’ve even read about the players who are paid millions uttering nasty language, remarks about women and jeers to anyone who isn’t a sports bully.
Of course they eventually apologize.

How did it get this way.
Big business and an acceptance of “that’s just the way it is”.

Well, things need to change.
Change now.
Who the fuck gives a shit about the Stanley Cup being played in the month of June?
A few million so called fans. That's who. They all should be ashamed of themselves but I bet you many will be laughing it off over a few beers at the local watering hole tonight.