Sunday, June 26, 2011


One summer day, a smallish, young man with a penchant for singing show tunes walked along his street to a quiet little parkette just around the corner from his little house.
The day was bright and warm with oodles of sunshine.

He carried- in a little pink case, his beloved pussy-cat. Her name was Miss Chinchilla. Miss Chinchilla loved to go to the parkette with the little man. He carried some special teats just for Miss Chinchillain his tiny pockets along with a bottle of fresh water. Miss Chinchilla purred with delight.

Not to be left out, the smallish, young man had also packed a picnic lunch for himself. He had made cheese sandwiches and placed a bunch of olives in a sealed plastic container. The little man loved olives as much as he loved his pussy cat. He also carried a huge jug of ice-cold lemonade. All this was safely tucked into a big, yellow backpack he had flung over his shoulders.

As he walked along the smallish, young man sang some of his favourite showtunes! He belted- “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” from Oklahoma. “It's a Priviledge to Pee” from Urinetown. Even one of his newest favourites from The Book of Mormon called- “I Believe”. He even accompanied himself on the harmonica which was a feat in itself. He played and sang and sang and played. Even Miss Chinchilla purred along in perfect harmony!

They soon arrived at the parkette. The smallish,young man walked to his favourite bench beneath his favourite Maple tree and sat down with his pussy by his side. He started to sing one of his most favourite Broadway tunes from Flower Drum Song- “I Enjoy Being a Girl”.

As he did so a group from the local Baptist Church- who were sitting on blankets spread on the ground under a huge Oak, heard the song he was singing. A few of them rose to their feet from the blankets and walked to where the smallish man was seated- singing, on the bench.

They stood in front of him and told him he was going to Hell for singing such a song. A big black man who told the smallish man his name was Henderson, spoke first.
"Dear Sir, did you know it is just plain wrong for a man to sing the words you are singing? Why, what if Jesus was to come upon you just sitting here on this bench singing those words?"
The smallish, young man looked at the group standing in front of him. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a few pussy treats and gave a few to Miss Chinchilla. Then he opened the backpack he had placed on the bench next to him. Unzipping the zipper he reached inside. He snapped open the plastic container and ate three olives. Then, he took out a cheese sandwich- on whole wheat, unwrapped it, then took a big bite.

Henderson spoke again.
“You just must not be listening to the words we all are saying to you Brother. You will be confined to the fires of damnation for eternal life for singing those sinful songs from Broadway.”

“Oh well,” said the smallish, young man, “Guess I`ll see you there then!”

Henderson started to fume but being a good Christian Man he said no more. He just said a silent prayer, spun on his heels and motioned for the others to follow. They returned to the rest of the Baptist Church group who were still seated on their blankets beneath the huge Oak Tree.

He took a few more bites of the cheese sandwich. Then the smallish, young man poured himself a glass of lemonade and sipped away, all the while keeping an eye on the Baptists.

Suddenly and without warning Miss Chinchilla- his lovely pussycat, opened the door of her little pink case, stepped out and sat on the bench next to the smallish, young man. Miss Chincilla pondered the situation. The smallish, young man seemed sad. She looked up at the smallish young man and winked an eye.

Taking a Black and Decker chainsaw out of her pink case, she scampered over to where the Baptists were sitting on their blankets. She climbed a few feet up the huge Oak Tree and made a nice, clean cut right through it. The mighty tree fell, right on top of the Baptists sitting beneath.

The smallish young man and Miss Chinchilla thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the day eating cheese sandwiches, olives and pussy treats. They drank lemonade and fresh bottled water.

The Baptists never bothered the smallish young man ever again.

The End.