Sunday, June 5, 2011


Here I am sitting in front of my keyboard with no idea what I am going to write for my Blog today.

It’s not a question of having nothing to write about.
I do.

I would like to write about friends who ignore what you say. For whatever the reason, pretending that what you're doing is of little importance. The best way to show you that is to ignore you.
Put some space between them and you.
Simply pretend that something doesn’t exist- like the orange cat in Alice in Wonderland.

I would like to write about that charming little gal who slipped a Harper sign into Parliament the other day. A 21 year old who is frightened and concerned for our country’s future. A young lady who knows that Harper is the Devil and understands that he doesn’t speak for Canada or the majority of Canadians. Just 40% of voters chose one of his candidates.

Yet he wins.

Then there’s all the other Canadians who simply ignored, couldn’t make up their mind or just decided to stay home on election day. Not only does Harper not speak on their behalf but those who didn’t vote have no right to say anything about what happens in the House of Commons for at least the next 4 years- unless Harper really does something to ruffle the feathers of Canadians. In that case the Governor General- David Johnson, would step in. I’m not sure if that has ever happened before.

I would like to write about how I sustain myself with a bunch of Conservatives holding the front row seats in our government? I think about Jack Layton's hansome face just across the floor from the Harperites. I am glad that this province- Ontario, is still strongly Liberal- in core values and day to day living. It must fry Mr. Harper’s Alberta Butt that he lives in a province that is provincially strongly Liberal and by the looks and sounds of things with Mr. Hudak leading the provincial Tories, it will probably stay that way. Unless of course the Liberals neglect to inform Ontarians that it was the Mulroney Conservatives who brought in the GST to our land and the Harperites that sent millions to Mr. McGuinty to help “smooth” over the rough spots in combining the GST and PST into the HST. It was a Conservative push.

I would like to write about the young people who congregate on the grassy hill at Couchiching Beach Park and at the end of the day simply leave all their garbage behind.
Where are the Parks and Rec people?
Where are the Bylaw Officers?
The Police?
Why do these young misfits not care about leaving their garbage behind? The hill area and the beach need to be fenced in with security guards keeping an eye. It’s everyone’s park not just these crummy kids and we need to have all our rights protected. Every summer we lose our park to these youngsters who not only little but cuss and swear and scream and shout but won’t move an inch when you try to pass by on foot, rollerblades or bicycle.

Finally, I would like to write about the number of empty buildings in Orillia. Downtown, at the exits and entrances to our City, along residential streets, next to our parks and waterfront and next to businesses trying to make a living. We are a community of broken down and abandoned buildings with storefronts covered in mouldy, faded newspapers- or cardboard, complete with water stains. Then there’s still others with gigantic sheets of plywood or blue tarpaulins covering everything from roofs to windows to doorways.

So that’s it. That’s what I wanted to write about sitting here in front of a keyboard not knowing what I was going to write about today.