Wednesday, June 15, 2011


What a mess!

Last Saturday our main computer in the house “crashed”! We call it the “office computer”. It’s the “nerve-centre” of our in-house computer network. When it goes tits up, all the other computers- yes computers as in more than one computer in the house- including Swisssh Radio, cannot access all the information housed in the office computer.

What a time we have had but I have since learned something.

We all become very complacent thinking that all our personal documents- and pictures, are safely stored in our computer’s memory. However, on Tuesday- to begin with, we thought that much of our stuff was gone forever, including all the shows I have written, our pictures, my stories and my blogs- the whole kit and caboodle.
Gone, gone, gone.

Thank goodness that our computer expert Richard from Nerds on Wheels was able to take everything off the Ram or whatever it’s called and download it onto another computer as well as our backup whatchamacallit.
You see? I am quite well-versed in computer technology! The day before our friend Charles- without Charles Swisssh Radio would have never made it on the air, hinted that the computer was a bit old- five years, as well as long in the tooth and it may just be shutting down. Well, he was right. The “mother-board”- I’m not cussing here, was just about toast. So, by Tuesday when Richard could assess the damage, we were thinking the worst. As it turned out things worked out better than we thought- as far as files are concerned.
We did have to run out and buy a new computer. It was just under a thousand dollars. The service charge will be a few hundred bucks too.

I learned that computers are not infallible.
A valuable lesson.
We all need to back up files- text and pictures, elsewhere. We do have this hard drive that does that but we’ve been told there are sites like Rogers and Hotmail that allow you to do it for free. Even the pictures from this blog get saved online, through the blogsite I use. Others charge a fee for a year’s worth of files.
That’s what we are going to do.
Save information elsewhere.
I can’t afford to lose all the files. I have tons of stuff for Swisssh. There’s the plays I have written. There’s all my Blogs and much more.

So there you have it.

Everything should be back to normal come Friday- maybe Saturday. Of course I have to remember all the “favourites” I had bookmarked. I may need to download some programmes- like my “Coffee Cup FTP”, all over again. Coffee Cup FTP is how I retrieve shows such as Takin’ Ya Back. Another programme- Frostwire, is where I download many of the tunes you hear on Swisssh Radio- although I use iTunes too.

So, if you have a spare finger or two keep them crossed on Friday. Maybe- just maybe, everything will be back to normal.

God, I hope so.